Styling over the knee boots

Styling over the knee boots

Over the knee boots are not a fashion item I had tried before. I bought my first pair last winter and in the summer sales I found another pair. I just haven’t been brave enough to wear them. And as with many fashion items that give me the heebie-jeebies, I like to then raid my closet to see how I might wear them. That’s what I did with my two pairs of over the knee boots as well. Lo and behold, it is much more wearable then I initially thought it would be.  styling over the knee boots

Styling over the knee boots

The two pairs of boots I own are a blue velvet pair with a high heel and a flat pair of real suede in black. Both pairs are from Asos. The blue velvet pair has a squared off toe, while the black pair has a pointier toe. Both pairs hit me roughly mid thigh which is why I decided to style them up with skirts and dresses.

All the jewel tones

styling over the knee boots

Blouse | H&M
Skirt | Forever 21

My first outfit is quite simple as it plays up the color of the boots. I paired them with a navy blue blouse. This outfit is all about texture: the blouse has a satin like texture, while the skirt is a knit jersey material and the shoes is velvet. Rather than contrasting colors, it’s about the different fabrics that give this outfit its swung.

Printed black

styling over the knee boots

Roll neck | H&M
Skirt | Costes

Navy blue goes so well with with black that I figured it would be another safe bet. To not have a super boring outfit, I decided to add some monochrome print as well. This thick knitted skirt in a houndstooth is perfect for fall: it has a thick fabric which keeps you warm and the boots do the rest. Because the boots are so high, you could even get away with wearing no tights with this look and show a touch of leg.

Chunky knit

styling over the knee boots

Knit sweater | H&M

My first outfit idea for wearing these blue over the knee boots was this oversized chunky knit sweater. This sweater is so oversized that I can wear it as a mini dress. And I think that a chunky knit in a muted color like this is offset nicely with the blue velvet. I would layer a pair of shorts under this just in case, but other than that, you can simply chuck this on and be out the door in minutes.

A bit of purple

styling over the knee boots

Top | H&M
Skirt | H&M

Since the black pair are a lot more basic, they were much easier to style up. It also makes it perfect for adding some more color into the outfits. For this first one, I opted for a black velvet a-line skirt and a purple wrap front top. The top was a steal: I got it for €5 in the winter sales last year and love it.

Tartan print

styling over the knee boots

Dress | Men at Work

While the Prince of Wales check is all the rage at the moment, I love myself a bit of tartan print still. And I thought it would be a perfect pairing with the black over the knee boots. This dress is very mod/ 60s, but with a pair of over the knee boots, it gets that on trend 90s vibe. Adding the right items together can totally change your look in minutes as this outfit proves.

Blue you

styling over the knee boots

Top | H&M
Skirt | H&M

This top and skirt combo is one of my favorites, but I never really know what shoes to wear with it. A pair of Chelsea boots is possible of course, but I feel this outfit should be taken to the next level. When I added in the over the knee boots, I finally knew what had been missing all this time. The denim and suede contrast nicely and the stripy top rounds everything off nicely.

How would you wear over the knee boots?


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