Essence Fresh & Fit Primer

When I spotted that Essence would be bringing out a primer, I was intrigued. 2017 has really been the year of the primer for me so far. I just wanted to try a few and it seems to be a makeup item that is becoming more and more popular too. That is of course why Essence decided to release this. But does this product do what it promises? Let’s find out.  Essence Fresh & fit Primer review swatch

Essence Fresh & Fit Awake Primer

As with any Essence product, the Fresh & Fit Primer is an affordable product. For just €3.59 this promises to give you a healthy glow and a pore minimizing effect. It doesn’t make any claims about helping with the lasting power of your makeup, but that is what I normally would use a primer for. This contains some ingredients that are supposedly good for your skin such as vitamins and cranberry water, but there is very little of those ingredients in this product. I would personally not recommend using this instead of a moisturizer.

The Packaging

Essence Fresh & fit Primer review swatch

The packaging is a handy tube. I love that as it makes the product very easy to use. Another benefit is the fact that the tube comes sealed. This is a great way of making sure no one has touched the product when you buy this in stores. Essence displays can looked completely wrecked at the best of times, so it’s great that they added a little extra to ensure your product stays clean.

The Swatch

Essence Fresh & fit Primer review swatch

This primer doesn’t feel very silicone-y on the skin, which is a plus. It does have a pretty firm texture. I prefer a more runny texture to be honest. Something like the Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer for instance. This does have a lot of shine to it, but it almost blends a way when you work this product into the skin. It feels very refreshing though, so it does feel very nice when you apply this in the mornings. The effect of this reminds me a lot of the Catrice Prime & Fine Beautifying Primer, only less pink.

The Application

Essence Fresh & fit Primer review swatch

On the left is my face without anything. On the right is my face with the primer. The effect is subtle on camera, but in real life it was a lot more noticeable. This gives my skin a soft glow that instantly wakes up my face. It doesn’t minimize pores though and if you have oily skin then I think this isn’t a product you’d like. If you have dry skin this may be good though as it can add that extra layer of hydration before putting on your makeup. After applying the rest of my makeup I don’t really notice any effect from this product though.

The Conclusion

Essence Fresh & fit Primer review swatch

I like this product, but it doesn’t tick all the boxes for me. The Essence Fresh & Fit primer lives up to most of its claims though for me, it’s just that I want more from a primer than a glowy base that is so subtle you can no longer see it after applying the rest of your makeup. This is great if you are not much of a makeup wearer and are looking for that subtle pick me up for your natural skin.

What do you look for in a primer?

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