Which mixed palette should you buy?

Which mixed palette should you buy?

Previously, I talked you through warm and cool toned eyeshadow palettes. But not all eyeshadow palettes stick to a specific color scheme or undertone. There are plenty of palettes that mix both warm, neutral and cool tones in their offerings. Today, I will talk to you about 4 palettes that offer a mix of undertones. mixed eyeshadow palette review swatch video recommendation which palette should I buy tarte tartelette in bloom urban decay naked smoky viseart sultry muse stila eyes are the window of the spirit cool toned warm toned neutral toned

Which mixed toned eyeshadow palette should you buy?

It’s quite plain and simple: these palettes always mix an array of different shades and it’s a shame that the Kat Von D Monarch palette has been discontinued, because that is one of the most comprehensive examples of an eyeshadow palette that follows these principles. However, when you dig a little bit deeper there are plenty of other eyeshadow palettes that do a similar thing.

The four palettes you can see in the video below are all great quality palettes. But each one has something different to offer. One is more versatile, one is more everyday, one is more dark and sultry and another has all the neutral shimmers one could dream of. It’s a really mixed bag this time, which means my opinions about these four palettes are also just that: mixed. Curious to see what I think about each one? Then watch the video!

Palettes mentioned:

  • Stila Eyes are the Window of the Spirit
  • Tarte Tartelette In Bloom
  • Viseart Sultry Muse
  • Urban Decay Naked Smoky

Which of these four palettes is on your wishlist?


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