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When you try as many makeup products as I do, not everything can be the best. And no matter the price point, there are always hits or misses. I thought it would be fun to go over my top 5 and bottom 5 of makeup products in a few different categories. Today’s post will focus on my top 5, bottom 5 of luxury makeup products. Because especially when you splurge on a makeup product, you want it to be great.  luxury top 5 bottom 5

Top 5 Bottom 5 | Luxury makeup products

Above you can see the 10 products I have selected for this blog post. Five of these are some of my absolute favorite, 5 others are my least favorite. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good products or I don’t like the brand. It’s just that I didn’t get on with this product as much as I’d hoped. Sometimes it concerns a very particular product or shade, but sometimes I have selected products in general. Let’s start with the top 5 first!

Top 5

luxury top 5 bottom 5

1.) Burberry single shadow in Rosewood – One of my favorite single shadows is this one by Burberry. It is a stunning shade all over the lid despite its very basic look. This is one of those shades that looks like nothing in the pan, but once applied it truly comes to life.

2.) Dior DiorSkin Nude Air Luminizer Dior does the most stunning luxury highlighters. I own several, but this one is my favorite. It is super flattering on my skin tone, not shimmery at all and what’s more: it isn’t limited edition for a change.

3.) Chanel Vitalumière Aqua foundation – My favorite high end foundation has been the Chanel Vitalumière Aqua foundation. Ever since I reviewed this foundation, I have been using this and I lament the day it runs out.

4.) Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick – A matte lipstick that is matte yet comfortable and doesn’t wear off too quickly? Sounds like an impossibility, but it isn’t. The Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks are just that and that is why they are my favorite high end lipsticks.

5.) Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder – When it comes to powder, I swear by the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders. From face powders to blushes and highlighters: I love them all. But my first love was the Ambient Lighting powder and that is why I now own more than one of these and would like to own more.

Bottom 5

luxury top 5 bottom 5

1.) Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick – Shimmer Bricks are true cult products, which is why I decided to buy mine. Unfortunately I find them too shimmery and glittery which I don’t like wearing on my cheeks. It is a beautiful product nonetheless, but it isn’t as versatile as I’d hoped.

2.) Chanel Rouge Velvet Éclatante lipstick – A Chanel lipstick was on my wishlist from day one of my makeup loving days. It seems almost like a right of passage to buy one and one of the first ones I reviewed was this pink version. Unfortunately the color is too sheer and doesn’t cover my own natural lip color well enough.

3.) YSL Rouge Volupté lipsticks – This lipstick was a major let down. A very creamy formula and stunning packaging is what drew me into this, but alas: these look awful on me. The minute these go on they pull towards the edge of my lips, making it look like a badly done lip liner. After an hour, these stick to the edge of my lips, but nowhere else.

4.) Shisheido blush – By now decluttered, this peachy toned blush is one I hardly ever wore. I bought this because I wanted a peach toned blush, which this is. But it just never really looked flattering on me. The quality definitely wasn’t bad, but the color just didn’t suit me.

5.) Viseart Sultry Muse eyeshadow palette – Quite possibly the most recent let down was the hyped up Viseart palette. This is an all shimmer palette which works marvelously well, but the shades are not too distinct and quite standard. I have a million of these: so while a fabulous quality eyeshadow palette, I never reach for this at it doesn’t have anything new to offer.

What is your luxury top 5, bottom 5?

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