Sleek I-Divine eyeshadow palette Nordic Skies

Last year Sleek released some new I-Divine eyeshadow palettes. On the Horizon was one of them, but they also did a pastel number: Nordic Skies. This light colored palette features lots of mattes which is quite different for Sleek. So, is the quality as we can expect from Sleek?

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette review swatch nordic skies

Sleek I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette Nordic Skies

As all I-Divine palettes, Nordic Skies retails for €10.99 and is available from the Sleek website which ships internationally. While the packaging indicates this is a limited edition palette, this palette is currently still available on the official website.

The Packaging

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette review swatch nordic skies

What is great about the newer Sleek palettes is that they now come in much more interesting packaging. If you keep the box, you will have a much more distinct palette. Because when you have a few of these and throw away the box, they can be difficult to tell apart.


All Sleek palettes look black and have a slim plastic case design with a big mirror in the lid. In total there are 12 shadows and a brush. This palette has the name printed on the front, which is another plus because it makes it a lot easier to find if you have a few of these.

The Shades


What is unique about this palette isn’t just the color scheme. Yes, this is a very light, pastel palette, but it also features more mattes than shimmer. And that is different for Sleek, who usually put many shimmers in their palettes. What is noticeable is how light all of these shades truly are. I’m very fair which means the colors don’t show up well, but I think that if you have a darker skin tone, these shades can potentially look very chalky on you.

The Shadows

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette review swatch nordic skies

Eskimo Kiss | Moonshine
Ocean Mist | Supernova

The first 4 shades in the palette feature all shimmers, but one has a less noticeable sheen and that is Supernova. The color scheme is quite random here. There are two highlighters: one an icy white and another more champagne shade. Ocean Mist is a pretty pastel green and Supernova is a pretty peach.

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette review swatch nordic skies

Polar Night | Crystallised
Ski Breeze | Rose Glow

The next 4 shades contain 2 mattes and one that is more of a satin finish. Polar Night and Ski Breeze are two shades that work well as transition and crease shades. Crystallised is a pretty shade to wear all over the lid as is the more shimmery Rose Glow.

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette review swatch nordic skies

First Light | Purple Haze
Eclipse | Blue Moon

The final 4 shades contain more mattes and also the darkest shade in the palette. Three of these are seemingly matte. Purple Haze has a minimal amount of shine to it, but when blended out, this is hardly noticeable. Blue Moon is the darkest shade together with Polar Night, but both aren’t super dark.


Eskimo Kiss | Moonshine | Polar Night | Crystallised | First Light | Purple Haze
Ocean Mist | Supernova | Ski Breeze | Rose Glow | Eclipse | Blue Moon

This palette is very light as I already mentioned, but that doesn’t mean that these shadows aren’t of a good quality. Despite the lightness, they show up well and they don’t look too powdery. The mattes swatch well, but when blending these out, you do notice a bit of chalkiness, but that is the case for every Sleek shadow I’ve tried. The shadows have a bit of a dry feeling to them, but they can be build up and with a primer underneath they last all day. It’s just a good balance between quality and the price point.

The Application

For this eye look I tried to incorporate as many shades as possible and I quite like the end result. I used Blue Moon in the Outer V and Polar Night in the crease. Crystallised is all over the lid and Eskimo Kiss is a great inner corner highlight. Ski Breeze is a good blending shade, which is something many Sleek palettes miss. Overall, this is a well-rounded palette, but it is very light. I think if you do not have a fair to light skin tone, this palette may not work for you.

The Conclusion

Not many brands attempt making pastel eyeshadow palettes, as that is a tricky feat and easy to get wrong. For the price, the Sleek I-Divine eyeshadow palette in Nordic Skies is great quality. These shades do not blend into one shade and aren’t too chalky, but I do feel this will work best on lighter skin tones.

How do you feel about pastel eyeshadows?

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