Favorite face masks

From time to time I love a good face mask. I am not someone who uses face masks all that regularly. I tend to use pretty okay skincare on a daily basis, but sometimes my skin needs a bit of a pick me up. And that’s when I use a face mask. So I love face masks for different purposes, which is why I have more than one favorite.  favorite face masks

My favorite face masks

As you can see there are quite a few face masks by The Body Shop here. But that should come as no surprise as I am a huge fan of The Body Shop in general and their skincare in particular. But just to change things up, I have added two other ones as well as an honorable mention.

Sheet masks – I only picture one here, but I use sheet masks quite regularly. Especially a good hydrating sheet mask is one that I love. I find they are especially soothing on irritated skin and a great way to add some moisture when my skin is feeling dry or sensitive after a sunburn or not taking very good care of the skin.

Caudalie Glycolic peel – Peeling masks are not my favorite in general. They are generally too harsh and don’t work well if you have sensitive skin. But this is a happy exception to the norm. I tried this to help with dullness and texture and this works extremely well. I don’t use it often as it also makes the skin thinner, but this is a good one to whip up every once in a while.

The Body Shop Chinese & Rice mask – One of my latest favorites is this mask by TBS. This mask is not too harsh but it gets the job done. This clears my pores but it doesn’t suck everything out of my skin. Because of the little grains in this, it exfoliates at the same time. This is a great one if you are looking for a mask that does a good job of clarifying the skin.

The Body Shop Warming Mineral mask – This mask is a special one: it warms up on your skin. A lovely feeling in the winter time. If you come inside from the cold on a winter’s day this is a great way to have a bit of a warm up. It also has ginger which has some more cleansing properties and when this cools down it becomes more of a classic clay mask.

The Body Shop Tea Tree mask – The final mask I want to talk to you about is the most purifying and cleansing mask. This isn’t one my skin can handle too often, but it’s a great one if your skin is prone to breakouts and oiliness. On my skin it’s not the best at all time, but this is great when my skin is going through a bad patch.

The last one is an honorable mention and that goes out to the Freeman Avocado mask. I repurchased it the other day after not having had it for a while. This is a clay mask that sucks all the gunk out of your pores. A great one to give your skin a good cleanse, which is my favorite way to use a face mask.

What is your favorite face mask?

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