Dress styles everyone should own

First up, apologies for the lack of a post this morning, but I had some major computer issues last night, so I couldn’t write a blog post. Still, I didn’t want to break up the schedule, so here we are with today’s blog post. I thought it’d be fun to talk to you about 5 different dress styles that I think are incredibly wearable and flattering.  dress styles everyone should own

Dress styles everyone should own

I love dresses and while I am still a skater dress girl at heart, I have found a few other dress styles that I always look for when I go out shopping. These dress styles are all flattering on my short and boxy frame and I love each one for different reasons. That is why I thought they needed their own moment to shine. So here are 5 dress styles, other than a skater dress, that I think everyone should own.

The Wiggle Dress

dress styles everyone should own

Wiggle dresses or tulip dresses are a dress style that I find harder to find, but the ones I have, I love. I buy mine mostly from ASOS and I plan to do a full lookbook dedicated to this style of dress. So stay tuned! Why I love this dress? Because it is figure hugging without being constricted. These dresses also have a retro feel to them as they are very much the style of dresses that you see a lot on shows like Mad Men. I have ones that have shorter and longer skirt lengths and I always feel super feminine when I wear them.

The A-Line Dress

dress styles everyone should own

A-line dresses are a little bit baggier, but if you find the right one for you they can be a great way to wear a dress that is easy to dress up or down. I love wearing this particular one to work in the spring time. The big stripes, even though horizontal, work well and the lines on the dress make this still flattering. This is also one of the most comfortable dresses as everything just goes down from the chest, so this is also a breezy dress style to wear on warmer days.

The Tea Dress

dress styles everyone should own

My most recent find are tea dresses. Suddenly these were everywhere last summer and I was a little unsure of these at first. Buttons are sometimes easy to pop open and I definitely have to size up in these, but again, that retro feel these have is why I love them. They singe you in at the waist and most of these dresses have v- or heartshaped necklines which are super flattering if you have a fuller bust.

The Shirt Dress

dress styles everyone should own

Another trending dress shape are shirt dresses. These are great for office wear as you can simply throw on a blazer and be done. I wanted a navy one in particular because the darker shade makes it perfect for more formal occasions. But because it is essentially a longer shirt, these are also versatile and easy to style. You can dress these down with a pair of manly brogues or if you’re in a pinch, tuck them into your trousers or jeans for a casual day look too.

The Shift Dress

dress styles everyone should own

Shift dresses are very much the in-between of the tea dress and an a-line dress. These have an a-line shape to them, but it’s more fitted and flared than that and therefore more like a tea dress, but without the buttons. These are great to own in a crazy print, because if they are too plain they can look a little drab as they have no added style features to them usually. In short, this is a great type of dress if you want to spice up your wardrobe.

What kind of dresses do you usually go for?

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