Favorite cover songs

I love a good cover. Sometimes even more than the original. It’s rare that I do, but it is definitely not unthinkable. That is why, for today’s blog post, I’ve selected 5 cover songs that I prefer over the original.

Collide – White Rabbit

It takes a lot to cover a classic, but this version takes the Jefferson Airplane original and turns it on its head. It’s not that different from the original. It still has trippy feel of the OG version. But this one is badder, meaner and darker. 

London Grammar – Wicked Game

Chris Isaak’s version is a stunner, but this rendition by London Grammar is just as good if not better. It is less whiny, more melancholy. Less moany, more drama. The instrumentation is more 2010s and the warm voice of the lead singer give this song a new timbre the original sorely lacks.

Rod Stewart – I Know I’m Losing You

This classic rock song sounds like it was meant to be this way. But before The Faces did this rocky version, this was a Motown song by The Temptations. I prefer this one though. From the guitar riff to the long instrumental sections this is one that is a quintessential 70s song with its roots in the 60s.

Calexico – Ocean of Noise

Arcade Fire is one of my favorite bands. But this one song in particular I like better than their original. The style of the songis still very similar, but this version is a little bit more raw around the edges. It’s less slick, clean and polished and with that adds another layer to this song.

Beyoncé – Crazy in Love 2014

Beyoncé does Beyoncé in this beautiful version of one of her biggest hits. Is this truly a cover? Perhaps not, but it surely is so far removed from the original that it does warrant the title ‘remix’ either. In any case, I far prefer this slower, sexier version of the song. This has a great build up and a great arrangement too for a pop song.

What is your favorite cover song?

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