10 reasons to love a good pair of jeans

Who doesn’t love jeans? But finding the right one can be difficult and thus there is something about a good pair of jeans that gives them a bit of extra lovin’. To me, a good pair of jeans is highwaisted, stretchy enough to be comfy and either skinny or straight legged. Hence my love for all things Topshop Jamie jeans, because those pretty much fit the bill. Since jeans are the ULTIMATE fashion item, I figured we could explore why we love this wardrobe staple so much. Here are 10 reasons why I love a good pair of jeans.  10 reasons to love a good pair of jeans

10 reasons to love a good pair of jeans

1) It’s easy – I think the most important reason why a good pair of jeans is such a staple is the fact that it’s simply the easiest clothing item to style up. You pick a wash and style and the options are endless from there on. With a t-shirt, with a blazer, with a blouse: any top you can think of will match.

2) It’s comfortable – When you do find that ultimate pair of jeans, the best thing about them is the comfort level. Granted they aren’t the warmest in the colder weather, but for about 75% of the year, they will see you through any occasion. I have jeans that I almost forget to take off at the end of the day when I love changing into pajama bottoms.

3) It’s versatile – Because they’re so easy to style, jeans are also incredibly versatile. You can wear a standard denim for that retro chic look. Pull out a light wash denim for that 80s cool vibe and a standard pair of black denim will take you from day to night in a heartbeat. Jeans can work for many occasions, which is another reason why they are great.

4) It’s stylish – While basic, a pair of jeans can make or break your outfit. The wrong style and your look will instantly look dated. That is why I am so taken aback by the whole flare/ kickflare/ bootcut trend coming back: I wore that as a teenager and now wish I would have hung on to some of the jeans I owned back in the day.

5) It’s timeless – Which brings me to my next point. Jeans are timeless! In women’s wear they have not been around that long of course, but a good pair of highwaisted jeans can give you that retro 40s/ 50s look. Go for a low waist to mimic Britney circa 2000s or get yourself a pair of mom jeans to look like Lady Di. Jeans have been around for decades and are here to stay.

6) It’s diverse – Jeans come in so many styles and washes that having a few on hand will instantly change your look. A light wash boyfriend jeans will give you the ultimate casual look. That black skinny will make you get away with wearing jeans at the office and a classic denim will take any outfit to the next level.

7) It fits every body type – Everyone can wear jeans! Granted it may take a while till you find that perfect fit, but there are jeans for everyone. Short, tall, curvy or straight: you find that fit for you and you will look great every time you wear those jeans.

8) It’s affordable – A good pair of jeans do not have to break the bank. Sure you can shell out the cash for a pair of 7 for all mankind, but a good pair of jeans doesn’t have to cost much. Take my favorite Topshop jeans: they all retail between the €50 and €60 mark.

9) It’s durable – Well-made jeans will also see you through many outfits for many years to come. I still have my first pair of Jamie jeans that I bought back in 2010. I still wear them and while they have started to look a little bit tired and worn in, they are still not ready for the bin.

10) It’s fun – Last but not least wearing a good pair of jeans is fun. You can vary your look (with rips or without?), adapt it to the occasion (casual or smart?) and wear it any season (light or dark denim?). That is quite possibly the best reason for wearing jeans: it is simply the best way to get dressed.

How do you feel about jeans?

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