Makeup declutter | Lip products

Makeup declutter | Lip products

For my final decluttering episode, I have a major category that I had not yet shown you. I have plenty of lip colors and I try lots of different shades. For reviews, I always like to try at least a nude, a red, a bright and if possible, a fun wacky color. But that means I do end up with quite a few shades that didn’t work for me or that aren’t flattering or wearable at all. Add in a few doubles or shades that I want to be able to wear that just don’t look great on me and you have a big mish mash of lip products that is part usable and part not at all.  makeup declutter lip products lipstick lip balm liquid lipstick lipgloss

Makeup declutter
lip balm
liquid lipstick

In today’s video I take you through my entire collection of lip products. I filmed most of these declutters in one day and this was the last one, so the lighting isn’t the best, especially towards the end. So apologies for that. However, I think you can still clearly see these lip products. Starting with lip balms, I take you through ever little bit I have. So this is a long one! Grab a cuppa and enjoy!

What lip product is your favorite?


7 thoughts on “Makeup declutter | Lip products

  1. So awesome! I’m in the midst of a massive purge right now and my biggest target are lip products! I find they expire so fast compared to other products.

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