Essie Social-Lights nail polish

Last year I wrote that I had started to love Essie nail polish. And even though I haven’t been wearing much nail polish for months, when I spotted Essie’s Social-Lights on Stash Matters, I knew I had to have it. I was lucky to find the last one tucked away in a corner at my local drugstore and I snatched it up.

essie social lights social-lights nail polish review swatch

Essie nail polish Social-Lights

At €9.99, Essie polish is a little more expensive than most polishes, but it is cheaper than my other favorite nail polish brand, OPI. I generally like the quality of Essie polishes. I wore this polish 4 days with just a little bit of tip wear and was able to wear it for 6 days before it started to look very crazy. That is consistent with most Essie polishes I’ve tried.

The Brush

essie social lights social-lights nail polish review swatch

Essie nail polish has a slightly wider brush. It is not my favorite as my nails aren’t very large. However, I can see why it would work for most people. Because of the wider brush, you can quickly cover your entire nail with polish. With just one swipe, you can pretty much do one nail and that makes the application process that much quicker.

The Shade

essie social lights social-lights nail polish review swatch

Social-Lights has a grey base shade but shifts copper/ green when you hold it in the light. I have been a sucker for these duochrome polishes for some time, but especially these past few months. The last polish I showed you here on the blog was Northern Light by OPI and that also has a duochrome shift.

The Swatch

essie social lights social-lights nail polish review swatch

I generally like the Essie formula. I found this polish to be a little thicker than usual. This had one downside: it is easy to overapply and get a thickercoat that takes longer to dry. The advantage of this is that with just one coat, this polish pretty much covered the nail. I always do two coats, just to be sure, but you could stick with just the one and be absolutely fine.

On the nail

essie social lights social-lights nail polish review swatch

I decided to apply this polish to the nail and show you this in full swing. In some lights, the duochrome effect is not too noticeable, but when you do find that light, this polish looks absolutely stunning. It’s a great winter shade because of the dark grey base color, but does add that added interest because of the interesting shift.

The Conclusion

Yes, I think Essie Social-Lights is a stunning polish and I am happy to have gotten my hand on it. This has definitely gotten me back on the nail polish train and I am looking forward to doing my nails more regularly again.

What nail polish did you wear last?

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  1. chucky1012 says:

    So beautifull😍

  2. Mooie aparte kleur! Als hij in de schappen ligt zou ik hem niet snel pakken denk ik maar op de nagels is hij heel mooi!

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Ja dit is er echt eentje die je in verschillend licht moet bekijken. Ik hou van nagellak met zo’n andere glans.

  3. stashy says:

    This looks amazing on you! I found the formula of this to be almost a one coater so it’s good for the lazy days. 😉 Glad you got your nail polish mojo back!

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Thanks! I had the same experience, but I always do 2 coats just to be sure.

  4. Pretty color and it looks like it will go with everything!

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