Which neutral palette should you buy?

Which neutral palette should you buy?

In my video series on different eyeshadow palettes, I have a new installment for you! This is the neutral one. I already did one on warm toned, cool toned and mixed toned palettes. And so it would only be natural to also do a video on super neutral palette. So not neutral as in not colorful, but neutral in their undertone. I have four palettes I would like to talk to you about and this picture may give you an idea of which palettes are included.

neutral palette guide edit which neutral eyeshadow palette should you buy urban decay naked 3 lorac pro 3 the balm nude dude too faced chocolate bar

Neutral eyeshadow palette guide

So this is probably where I have the strongest opinion. In this video, there are 2 palettes that would make it onto my top 5 all time favorite eyeshadow palettes. I just love neutral toned shadows as I have a neutral undertone myself. However, there are a few palettes that people rave about that just aren’t for me and one of the palettes in today’s video is one of those palettes. There is also a wildcard that few people talk about, but that I think can work well. In short, we have quite a mixed bag in today’s video. Hope you enjoy!

Palettes mentioned:

  • Urban Decay Naked 3
  • The Balm Nude Dude
  • Lorac Pro 3
  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Which is your favorite neutral toned eyeshadow palette?

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