Perfect highlighters for fair skin

Perfect highlighters for fair skin

For a long time I struggled to find highlighters that suited my fair skin tone. Many of the hyped up and raved about highlighters are champagne and golden toned highlighters that are often much too dark for my skin tone. Rather than functioning as a highlight, on me, these highlighters look like a streak of something: they lay on the skin rather than create a soft glowy look. But I have found 5 highlighters that are longstanding favorites and they are all icy toned highlighters with a pink and/ or purple undertone to it.

perfect highlighters for fair skin becca urban decay catrice nyx colourpop

Favorite highlighters for fair skin

Instead of doing a blog post, I decided to talk you through these 5 highlighters in a video. Including swatches and close ups, I’m taking you from the most expensive to the cheapest. Fun fact, when I did some research for these, I found that Temptalia lists all of these as being incredibly close together. So if you are still looking for a great highlighter for fair skin and you like that pink/ purple flash, then this video is as much of a dupe video as it is a recommendation video. Let’s get to it.

Which highlighter is your favorite?


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