Why I love Topshop jeans

If you have seen any of my fashion blog posts or videos, then you know I swear by Topshop jeans. I have and have tried a range of different styles and colors and have loved every single one. From Binx to Joni, from Jamie to Leigh: each one of my Topshop jeans serves a certain purpose in my fashion needs. I thought it was high time for me to tell you why I swear by Topshop jeans and love them so much. why I love topshop jeans

Why I love Topshop jeans

Let’s be honest: finding the perfect pair of jeans is a pain in the butt. And I was one of those people that was forever looking for jeans that fit well, made my butt look good and were comfortable to boot. So let me tell you that my Topshop jeans tick all those boxes for me. I love the fit, I love the look and I find them comfortable to wear.

So that would be reason one why I love Topshop jeans: they are my one-stop shop for all my jeans needs. The Jamie fit are my favorite. They are a highwaist ankle grazer skinny with enough give that they are comfy, but not so much that they stretch out and fall down your bum after a few hours of wear. I love highwaisted jeans as it suits my body type the best and so these are my perfect jeans.

The other styles I own fewer pairs of, but I love them for similar reasons. I swear by Leigh jeans in the spring: they are midrise skinnies and the material is thinner and more breathable than the Jamies. I also love the Joni jeans if you’re looking for leggins that you can wear to work and get away with wearing anything on top. The Binx is the lesser known style I own and this is a tapered/ straight leg highwaist. They are my perfect version of Mom jeans, but a little more flattering.

So apart from the fact that Topshop do many great styles of jeans that can suit any need you may have, I love the sizing they do. I am short and before I discovered Topshop jeans, I had a hard time finding jeans that fit me in the leg. Living in a country ruled by tall people didn’t exactly help. My ideal inseam size is a 28″ or 30″ depending on the cut and those lengths are barely available here. Topshop, catering to a UK crowd that is far shorter than the average Dutch person, has 30″ as a standard size and 28″ is their petite range. Win!

Not only the leg, but also the width of the jeans works well for me. I’m usually in between sizes and for some reason, I always find a waistband size that fits me in Topshop. I actually like sizing up a bit and have them a bit lose at the top for added comfort. One thing I do notice is that the petite range runs smaller in the waist, so a 30 waist in the regular line is slightly bigger than in the petite.

Another reason why I love Topshop jeans are the shades. They are continuously doing different washes, patterns and other additions to their jeans. That sometimes ups the price a bit, but you can usually get every pair of jeans in a number of washes and styles. Want a distressed look in a grey? Or a plain black pair that can be dressed up or down? Topshop will do that and then some. They did an eyelet and studded pair of Jamie jeans last year. So if you care to make more of a statement with your jeans, you can.

My final reason for loving Topshop jeans is the price point. Topshop jeans start around €50, which is super affordable for a pair of jeans. I even managed to snatch up some pairs in the sale at half price. I tend to buy one or two new pairs of jeans every year and by now, I have collected quite a few pairs of jeans and I have had many pairs that were so worn and tired that they needed replacing as well. But overall I find these jeans last well. I still have the first two pairs of Jamie jeans I ever bought and they are still going strong.

What are your favorite jeans?

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