Catrice Galactic Liquid highlighter

In the new Catrice line up, it is all about that glow. Now many of the products are dubbed ‘holographic’, but so far none of the products I have tried come even close to being truly holographic. That said, however, that doesn’t mean these products aren’t pretty or don’t work well. Case in point: the new Galactic liquid highlighter.  catrice galactic liquid highlighter review swatch spaceshuttle holographic

Catrice Galactic Highlighter Drops 010 Spaceshuttle

At €4.99 this is definitely not an expensive product. Benefit do many products that are similar and those retail for around the €35 mark. So if you are looking to try a liquid highlighter, but don’t want to break the bank, then this is a good start. Because this is one stunning highlighter.

The Packaging

catrice galactic liquid highlighter review swatch spaceshuttle holographic

The only drawback to this product is the packaging. This comes in a dropper style packaging. It worked really well in the Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer and the Soleil D’été liquid bronzer, but this seems to be a little thick to be sucked up by the dropper. There is enough on the dropper to apply to the high points of the face though, so this still works well enough. It is just a bit of a shame that the packaging is a bit of a dud.

The Swatch

catrice galactic liquid highlighter review swatch spaceshuttle holographic

Despite this product being difficult to use properly, the highlighter itself is stunning and something I do not own yet. In the bottle this looks like a champagne shade, but when you blend this out, it comes alive. When you rub it into the skin a rosy/ peachy shade comes to the surface and this looks mostly like a duochrome. Definitely not holographic as the packaging suggests, but still stunning nonetheless.

While the texture of the product is too thick for the dropper, it is not too thick for applying to the face. I like spreading this onto my cheeks with my finger tips and it gives just the right amount of glow. It is easy to blend and this is stunning under foundation. In the summer time, this will look great on bare skin and will be sweatproof because this stuff dries down and does not budge until you take it off.

The Application

catrice galactic liquid highlighter review swatch spaceshuttle holographic

To show you this on the face, I applied this to my bare face. So excuse the pores and texture, but this is my bare skin up close. In the top picture I am wearing nothing but a bit of moisturizer. In the bottom picture I applied a bit of the highlighter onto my cheek. You can see that rosy/ peachy glow, but it definitely has a cooler flash to it as well. It doesn’t sit on the skin weird, it doesn’t roll off, wears well and looks great under foundation.

The Conclusion

catrice galactic liquid highlighter review swatch spaceshuttle holographic

This has to be one of my favorite new Catrice products for Spring/ Summer 2018. The Catrice Galactic Liquid Highlighter Drops looks stunning, are decidedly different from any highlighter I’ve tried and the product works well. I can totally see myself wearing this in the summer time on hot days for a bit of added glow. The only downside is the dropper, but I like this product enough to make it work for me.

Have you tried liquid highlighter before?

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  1. I had never used a highlighter maked from liquid.
    But you have shown that this is really as good one and not expensive 👌
    So I am going to buy this….


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