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I got some books! Well some… I pretty much made a list of all books that popped onto my radar in the course of 2017 and decided to start buying them. So today I’m showing you a massive collective haul of all the books I bought in the past few months. Let’s go! book haul february 2018 massive giant huge large fantasy history fiction non fiction historical sci-fi series booktube

Book Haul | February 2018

So there are quite some books here. I decided to stock up on all books that had piqued my interest. There is some non-fiction, historical fiction, first books in series, fantasy, and even some sci-fi. In total there is over 30 books here, so I definitely restocked my shelves quite a bit. I hope you enjoy!

What is the last book that you read?

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  1. Wow, what a huge pile of books, love it! Daniel H. Wilson is also on my list, I read his “Robopocalypse” 2-part series last year and loved it, it reads like a movie 🙂 The Sleeping Giant and the Dave Eggers one are on the list too. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell should be good, still have to finish watching the series (or rather, start again). So many books and series, so little time… 😉
    Right now I’m reading Kavalier & Clay, about two jewish cousins in 1940’s New York who are into escape artists like Houdini and want to create a superhero comic with that theme. Very original theme, I quite like it.
    Oh yeah, and I just finished Ready Player One. Great theme. It is even nerdier than I am 😉 Looking forward to the movie!

    • Of course not! However I did read more than this in 2016 (52 books) and in 2017 (45 books). But I like having a variety and decide what to read on my mood. So this is a good influx of some new things to read.

  2. I’m listening to The Spy Who Loved; the secrets & lives of Christine Granville right now. This is a biography of Britain’s first female special agent during World War II. It’s been interesting so far. I’ve got The Flight of Gemma Hardy queued up next: a ya reimagining of Jane Eyre. After this I’m thinking I’ll start a series just don’t know which one yet.
    Looks like you’ve picked up lots of good reads! The only 1 I’ve read is Jonathon Strange & Mr. Norrell. It’s quite a long read, but it was very good.

    • I am reading a book in a series I’m hooked on. It’s by Oscar de Muriel and it’s about police investigations in Victorian Edinburgh. If you’re craving something dark and eerie: it’s a good one.

  3. […] I split the video up into different categories. There are nearly 60 books here, so I wanted to make sure you can easily follow along. Some of the books I have already read by now too, because they were bumped up the TBR. There are plenty of fantasy books here, some sci-fi, some literary fiction and even a bit of non-fiction. If you want to watch my previous, 2018 haul, then click here. […]

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