Catrice Professional Artist eyeshadow palette

A 16 color eyeshadow palette by Catrice? Sign me up! I wasn’t able to show this in my video, as it was out of stock. But I was able to find it a few weeks ago and decided to give it a go.

catrice professional artist eyeshadow palette review swatch

Catrice Professional Artist Eyeshadow Palette 010 The Key Piece

This is one of the most expensive products Catrice has come out with after the Professional Makeup Techniques Face Palette. It retails for nearly €10 at €9.89. For a Catrice product that is expensive. Their eyeshadows are usually a bit hit or miss as well, so I felt apprehensive going into this. I usually quite like their smaller palettes, but those are only €4.99 and then the price vs quality is a much better match.

The Packaging

catrice professional artist eyeshadow palette review swatch

The packaging is not too special, but it works. The lid is clear, which means you can see the shadows inside. The lid doesn’t close very well as there is no snap or magnet, it just closes. This is good to know if you want to travel with this, as it is prone to opening if you’d put this in a makeup bag.

The Shadows

catrice professional artist eyeshadow palette review swatch

When looking at these eyeshadows, you can tell this is very neutral. So this palette offers little that is new and exciting. However, there are a few shadows that make this seem a little bit different. There is a peach on the left in the second row. The last shade in the third row is a khaki green and there is a burgundy in the last row. There are 6 matte shades, the rest are shimmers. There is a mix of warm and cool tones, which makes this palette a little bit more appealing.

The Swatches

catrice professional artist eyeshadow palette review swatch

As usual, Catrice shadows do not swatch very well. The consistency is thin and a tad powdery. However, the swatches work out quite well, but half the palette is quite light, which means it barely shows up agains my skin tone.

I like how there is a good mixture of different undertones and finishes. You get a cool toned and warm toned matte highlight shade and the same for shimmer. So I like how they did that.

There are a couple of fun taupes, but as you can see there are no real dark shades in this palette, which could potentially make this very bland. It will all depend on how much these shades build up, how you can achieve any definition.

The Application

catrice professional artist eyeshadow palette review swatch

Look 1:
Burgundy | Crease
Shimmery Mauve | Lid
Matte Taupe | Blend
Matte cream | Brow bone
Khaki | Lower lash line
Dark Brown | Outer V
Light pink shimmer | Inner Corner

catrice professional artist eyeshadow palette review swatch

Look no. 1 is also my favorite look I created with the palette. The burgundy ends up being a great shade to use. It does need some building up to get this intensity. It is definitely a palette that requires some patience. To balance the burgundy, I put the green on the lower lash line and added some shimmers to try. The shimmers work well, but I do find they lose their luster after a few hours.

catrice professional artist eyeshadow palette review swatch

Look 2:
Gold 1 & 2 | Lid
Bronze shimmer | Lower lash line
Light brown | Crease
Matte cream | Brow Bone
Shimmery champagne | Inner corner

catrice professional artist eyeshadow palette review swatch

The second look is very neutral. This is perfect for school or the office of if you like a light makeup look. It gives definition without it going overboard. I paired it with a purple lip, because well, I like neutral looks, but I like adding a bit of spunk to my look. I did notice this faded throughout the day. Especially the lid shades ended up disappearing in color and intensity.

catrice professional artist eyeshadow palette review swatch

Look 3:
Peach | Lid
Light brown | crease
Shimmery dark brown | Lower lash line
Pink shimmer | Inner corner
Pink matte cream | Brow bone

catrice professional artist eyeshadow palette review swatch

For the final look I decided to pair all shades I had not yet used. That meant that pretty peach shade. It is pretty but not very intense. It certainly improved by using a finger as that brought some more intensity. I used the darkest shimmer in the palette on my lower lash line and as you can see, it’s not all that dark.

The Conclusion

I’m a bit torn on the new Catrice Professional Artist eyeshadow palette. While I enjoy the looks I pulled from this, this definitely is not a groundbreaking eyeshadow palette. The colors are pretty, but they don’t last well, especially the shimmers have a tendency to fade throughout the day. The mattes need some building up to get the desired intensity. Still, it is a workable palette, but I don’t think it is worth the price tag.

What eyeshadow palette was a bit of a let down for you?

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  1. Too bad these don’t perform well – the concept looks great though. I like the burgundy and mauve eye look you created.

      • I haven’t heard great things about Becca eyeshadows. I am curious after their Light Chaser highlighters though! Becca just launched here a few months ago, so I’m glad I can finally get my hands on it without having to travel to the UK or US.

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