Spring nail polishes

For spring I love some muted, pastel colors. And as you can see, I like a very particular type of muted pastels. If it’s a muted sea foam green, dove grey or pastel blue, I’m pretty much game. For this blog post I have selected 6 nail polishes: 3 high end, 3 drugstore that I love to wear on my nails in the spring time. spring 2018 nail polish

Spring nail polishes

I am fully aware that getting some of these exact polishes will be hard. Most of these are no longer available as they were limited edition shades. However, that doesn’t mean that these kind of shades are hard to find. These shades roll around every year and always in the spring time. My recommendation: find a shade you like and wear the heck out of it.

OPI Mermaid Tears – An OPI classic is Mermaid’s Tears from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. It was one of the earliest OPI polishes I got and it has been a firm favorite since. It is a muted, grey toned sea foam green that is always stunning on the nail, but it’s a shade I gravitate towards every spring. It’s great under glitters or by itself and I think if you get one shade to wear for spring: get a sea foam green.

OPI I Can Never Hut Up – This was part of last year’s spring LE collection by OPI. It is not the first thought when it comes to a spring nail polish perhaps. The reason? It’s grey. But this has a stunning green shift to it, which adds a ton of brightness. That makes it so much better for spring than just a straight up grey.

Essie Udon Know Me – Part of Essie’s Fall 2016 collection, this polish is a great example of a pastel blue shade. It has quite a bright undertone, depending on how the light hits it. It therefore has that hint of freshness, but it never looks quite like a mint. It has a bit of an icy undertone, but that is why it is a great one for the spring time.

Catrice Pulse of Purism Pure Blues – If Udon Know Me is too bright for you, then a duck egg blue such as this limited edition color by Catrice is a good option. One of my favorite shades for the spring time is a duck egg blue as it is a great way to insert some color in a look. Besides that it has a nice muted shade so it is never too much.

Catrice Up in the Air – But I can imagine that some of you don’t like these weird in between shades. One of the freshest, most appropriate shades for the spring is a bright blue. Catrice Up in the Air is a longterm favorite too: it is that perfect sky blue. My preferred way of wearing it? With a silver glitter top coat on top.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Fondant – Fondant is the odd one out here. It is a light, muted mauve, that is super pretty on the nail. It looks fresh and that is why it is perfect for spring. Another reason why I like this is how this looks like a very nice neutral. As it has a lot of pink with a touch of purple, this shade adds a very chic look, but with a bit of a twist.

What nail polishes do you like to wear in the spring time?

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    • That is a shade I have looked at so much, but I never bought it. Don’t know why, I keep thinking I have something similar, but I do really like that shade.

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