Beauty pet peeves

So for my in between video post this week, I thought I would talk about 10 of my beauty pet peeves. I have been seeing loads of people talking about things they don’t like about the beauty industry and/ or beauty influencers. And I feel I have something to add to that. As an average, everday person, my makeup style is very different than what is advertised by many beauty brands. Not only that, with an industry that is set on getting us to buy more and more, I think there are many things that could be done differently.  beauty pet peeves

Beauty Pet Peeves

This video is by no means meant to just be a bit rant about the makeup industry. However, I think it is good to keep thinking and make your mind up about what you do like and don’t like about. Apart from products that can also be applied to trends and practices in the beauty industry. And I feel quite strongly about some things as they just don’t suit my makeup needs or style.

So I figured I could make a video talking about 10 of my beauty pet peeves. From makeup products that don’t deliver to the overkill of limited editions: there are many things that just aren’t perfect and this video is talking about just that. So I hope you enjoy this video!

What are your beauty pet peeves?

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