How I wear green

Green is one of the IT colors of the spring/ summer 2018 season. But green isn’t a new color. Green is a color that comes back time and time again and exists in many different renditions. That is why I figured I could show you how I like to wear some of my various green items.

Bottle Green how I wear green

Dress | Forever 21
Shoes | New Look

Green is a color that pairs well with greys and silvers. This bottle green dress that I have had for years is one I pull out every year. I love the knotted detail along the neckline and the wider waistband. It also has some fond memories attached to it as I wore it when I spoke at one of the largest symposia in my field of study. Nowadays I like wearing it with a simple loafer for most occasions, but if I want to amp it up, I wear them with these over the top silver loafers from New Look that definitely remind me of the Gucci Marmont loafers.

Khaki Green

how I wear green

Blazer | Topshop
T-shirt | Forever 21
Jeans | Topshop
Shoes | H&M

Another great green shade is an olive or khaki green. I found this blazer on sale at Topshop last summer and love it. It has a lightweight material which makes it perfect for the spring time. To make it pop, I like pairing it with black, since it is a very earthy tone. To ground this look, I added a neutral touch in the form of a pair of grey skinny jeans. This prevents the look from being too overwhelming and makes the jacket the center piece of the outfit.

Mint Green

how I wear green

Shirt | ZARA
Culottes | Topshop
Shoes | Asos

Mint green is a green shade I love, but I find it difficult to pull off. Since it is so bright, it has a tendency to wash me out and so I don’t own too many mint green pieces. I got rid of almost all of them, apart from this blouse which has been a firm staple in my wardrobe for years. It is sheer which means it is perfect for spring. I like wearing it in different ways, but for this picture I decided to go with a flowy pair of culottes for a fresh spring look. The silver brogues give the outfit a bit more edge.

Forest Green

how I wear green

Cardigan | H&M
T-shirt | Forever 21
Jeans | Topshop
Shoes | Sacha

Not perfect for the spring time, but definitely a green suited for the fall time is forest green. I have a few items in that shade and I love how it has a lot of warmth to it. As I mentioned I like pairing greens, especially warm tones such as a forest green, with greys. I like the clash it gives. This makes for a nicely basic outfit. However by adding a pair of green wedges, this outfit is made a lot more interesting.

Green Pattern

how I wear green

Shirt | ASOS
Pants | ZARA
Shoes | ASOS

Last but not least, green is a great color to wear in patterns. Be it floral, or as these trousers show you in a paisley print, green printed items can be very versatile. I love pairing these pants with creams and soft yellows as I feel it sets off nicely against the shade of green and it complements some of the lighter shades in the pattern. All you need is a cool boot to round off the completed look.

How do you like to wear green?

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