10 tracks perfect for spring

It’s spring! And with that comes music! I selected 10 songs that completely give me that spring time feeling. Most of these I’ve already featured on here before, but it doesn’t hurt to share your favorites now does it?! Leave a comment down below with your favorite spring songs!

Janelle Monae – Dance Apocalyptic

What more could you want then a fun, upbeat song that just makes you want to dance? Then this one is a great one to add to your playlist.

Jackie Wilson – The Sweetest Feeling

If you want to amp up that romance, then this sugary sweet track is a good one to add. A great R&B classic that will get you swaying and singing right along.

Lady Gaga – Dance in the Dark

Now I have my old playlist back, some old school Gaga has been coming up again. And I’m loving it. This has been one of my favorite songs by here for years and you know a song is good if it still works nearly a decade after its release.

Mesh 29 – Over the Barricade

This is an indie classic that has a great waltz like rhythm to it. The lyrics aren’t too cheerful, but this is a great track all round.

Koven – Final Call

I love a good moody song and this is a great example of that. It is dark, mysterious, yet euphoric at the same time. Just wait for that beat drop in the middle.

Franz Ferdinand – Right Action

Another indie classic band, I have been listening to FF in some form since my early student days. I completely rediscovered them when they released their latest album in 2013. I finally got to see them live and since then they have been music I love to listen to for a pick me up.

Lo Air – Day and Night

A relaxed track with a summary, laid back vibe. Another type of track I love. This track stands out as it seemingly cobbles along in the back ground, yet still has an earwurm to it.

Lana Del Rey – Cola

It took me a while to get into Lana Del Rey. I didn’t fully get the hype until I got my hands on her album. Cola is one of her standout tracks to me. It again isn’t a cheerful one once you listen to its lyrics. The song has since been linked to the Harvey Weinstein scandal, but still I like listening to it.

Alt-J – A Lovely Day

I am not one for covers, but sometimes one comes along that is just great. This hidden track from Alt-J’s second album was on my favorites list straightaway. As if Bill Wither’s 1977 original wasn’t already a great track, this one outdoes it in typical minimal Alt-J style.

Petite Noir – Chess

Another indie track for your that has a great sunny vibe to it. I have no clue what it’s about, but it sounds great nonetheless.

What songs remind you of spring?

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