L’Oreal True Match concealer

Some people love foundation, but when it comes to base products, I’m a concealer kind of girl. I’m not sure why, but I just LOVE trying concealers. It all started with the OG blogger favorite: Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and I haven’t looked back. Even back when I didn’t wear any foundation, I was already wearing concealer. So yeah, concealer is my jam. When L’Oreal released a True Match concealer to go with their True Match foundation which I love, I knew I had to try it.

l'oreal true match concealer review swatch r1 c1 rose ivory

L’Oreal True Match Perfect Match concealer R1/C1 Rose Ivory

L’Oreal is one of the more expensive drugstore brands over here. So while in some countries this may be cheaper, this is fairly expensive for a drugstore concealer. This retails for a whooping €12.99. In the UK this is just over 5 pounds and in the US this retails around $7. In The Netherlands we pay twice that for the exact same product. Luckily I got this on sale (it’s how I buy all my L’Oreal makeup), else I just don’t feel it is worth it to begin with.

The Packaging

l'oreal true match concealer review swatch r1 c1 rose ivory

The concealer comes in a lipgloss like tube and is equipped with a wand applicator. These are my favorite style of concealer and so I was excited to try this. The packaging is appealing to me but it is nothing special or revolutionary. But it is fuss free and it works well and that’s all that matters.

l'oreal true match concealer review swatch r1 c1 rose ivory

Applicator wise this has a paddle shaped applicator. It is fairly flat and not very rounded at all. I find this works so well! It is easy to apply and when you run out of product on one side of the paddle you can just turn it around and use the product that is on the other side. In short, with this, there is no need for double dipping and I like how I can cover what I need to cover with a single application.

The Swatch

l'oreal true match concealer review swatch r1 c1 rose ivory

The swatch shows clearly how emollient this concealer is. It is quite thin and watery and that made we wonder how much coverage this would actually give. Another thing I noticed is how dark this shade looks. R1/C1 is the lightest shade available here and this concealer is definitely darker than the matching foundation shade.

l'oreal true match concealer review swatch r1 c1 rose ivory

I thought I would show you how this concealer blends out on the back of my hand, because I feel that that is wear its strengths lie. As you start blending this, this pretty much disappears into the skin. On the back of my hand you can still see that the shade is a little bit dark, but it also has a strong peachy undertone. And guess what that does? Oh yeah, this concealers works as a correcter on me as well.

The Application

l'oreal true match concealer review swatch r1 c1 rose ivory

I would categorize this concealer as a light coverage concealer, but sometimes that is all you want. Personally, I like how the peachy undertone covers dark circles with ease and that is why this concealer has been a firm favorite as of late (until I tried the MUR Conceal & Define that is). The only reason I stopped using it? Because it got a little bit too dark on me.

The top picture is my under eye before concealer. With this concealer I don’t like to overdo it. Lately I’ve been into applying just a few dots of concealer on my undereye. Sort of like a less is more approach. In the bottom picture you can see the concealer blended out. As you can see there is  less blueness and it evens out my under eye area very nicely. It does crease on me after a full day of wear, but so does every concealer.

The Conclusion

l'oreal true match concealer review swatch r1 c1 rose ivory

As you can see I am loving the L’Oreal True Match concealer. The shade is currently a bit dark, but I’m sure I will be loving this in the summer time. I love wearing lightweight concealer and a bit of powder on super warm days. I like the finish this gives and love how easily it blends. This is definitely a keeper.

What concealer would you like me to try next?

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  1. Your makeup looks lovely here! 🙂 Some days I do like a lighter concealer under my eyes if my under eye circles aren’t too bad, or if I’m wearing a lightweight foundation.

  2. Ooh, I love L’Oreal True Match concealer as well, it’s my favorite! I also really like their blendable crayon concealer as well. Your makeup looks super pretty! 💛

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