Wardrobe Tour 2018

When I posted a tour of my office, I asked what you would like to see first: a wardrobe tour or a makeup collection video. And the most requests came in for an updated wardrobe tour. So I decided to make a quick video on how I store my clothes now. I last did one of these videos in my old place, which you can see here if you’d like.

wardrobe tour closet organization how to

Wardrobe Tour | Closet organization & how I store my clothes

Once I moved, I made life incredibly easy when it came down to wardrobe storage. In my old place I had a massive Ikea Pax closet. It worked just fine for me, but my new place came with part of one of the bedrooms converted into a walk-in-closet with a sliding door system. The system is a tad worn, but it works really well for me. So if you are curious as to where I got the system: I’m afraid I don’t know where it was purchased.

The sliding doors consist of three units that can all move to the side. I have 4 large shelves, only two of which hold clothes. The other two are high up so they are not convenient for everyday use. I decided to use them for general storage instead and my large suitcase and sleeping bag now live up there. Apart from shelves, it also came with two rods. I purchased a separate clothing rail to hold all my dresses.

In any case, this is my wardrobe, I hope you enjoy:

Fun fact: when I bought the place, the ceiling in this wardrobe was canary yellow and the walls a sunny orange shade. What a bit of paint can’t do for you huh?

How do you like to store your clothes?

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