Ofra highlighter Rodeo Drive

Look who finally jumped on the bandwagon? Yep, that would be me. I finally caved and decided to try an Ofra highlighter. These are much raved about and now also come in some additional shades. I went with the OG Rodeo Drive shade. I initially wanted to get Blissful, but after doing some research I decided that it may be too dark for me. As if fate decided to settle the matter for me, that one was also out of stock when I decided to buy one. So, Rodeo Drive ended up being my choice. How did I get on? Ofra highlighter review swatch rodeo drive

Ofra highlighter Rodeo Drive

The reason why I held out on buying this product is the price point. At €28.95 it is quite up there in price and it is not as if this product looks like it will be worth that price. Ofra face product packaging is incredibly basic. The highlighter simply comes in a cheap, plastic compact. That does mean that all the effort goes into the product, which can be a plus but without being able to swatch this anywhere in store, it was still a gamble to me.

The Product

Ofra highlighter review swatch rodeo drive

So when it is all about the product, it’d better deliver. Let me just get to it straightaway: I love this highlighter as you may remember from my Shop My Stash post last week. Why didn’t I get this sooner? What I did notice is that this highlighter became more intense when applied with a brush after a few uses. It is almost as if there is some sort of film on this at first, but once you get through that this highlighter is intense. But it is not so intense that you cannot make it work. Yes, this can go on quite full on, but it doesn’t have to. A light hand and a fluffy brush will give you a great amount of glow.

The Swatch

Ofra highlighter review swatch rodeo drive

When I first swatched this product I was squared. Look at that! That looks like an eyeshadow. The pigment in this is very intense, but of course a highlight brush will never apply this much. This product is smooth and feels very buttery. Shade wise, it looks a lot darker in the pan than in the swatch. In the pan this looks like a full on gold, but in the swatch, the glow in this tones that shade down quite a bit and it is more of a white gold. And for a fair skin tone a white gold works a lot better. I am not glad that I got this instead of Blissful.

The Application

Ofra highlighter review swatch rodeo drive

So how does this go on the skin? Intense if you want it to, less intense if you are careful enough. As I said, it seems there was a film on this at first, but after a while, this started to kick up a bit of powder. Now I just dip my brush into the kick back of my last use and that is enough to apply this to my cheeks. That way it is not too intense. However, you can build this up. If you truly give your brush a good swirl in the pan, you will obviously apply more. For work, I like to use a minimal amount and it is easy to use and I like the glow this product gives.

The Conclusion

Ofra highlighter review swatch rodeo drive

The Ofra highlighter in Rodeo Drive is definitely worth the hype. It is a great product that is well worth the price. The cost of this product definitely goes into making the product, which I appreciate. However, the packaging does feel flimsy and I think the powder is quite fragile so I would not recommend traveling with this. But if you are looking for a gold highlight that will work on fair and light skin tones, than this is a great one to look into.

Have you tried Ofra highlighters before?

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