My statement shoes

For today’s video I thought we could change it up a bit. I’ve been meaning to do some videos on my shoe collection, but since doing shoe collections seems to be out of vogue, I decided not to do a full collection video. If you know me, then you know I love shoes. In every fashion haul I do, I feature at least one pair of shoes and me and my addiction to shoes go way back and I have even reason to belief it is hereditary as the story goes my grandma exchanged food stamps for shoe stamps during WWII. Today I thought we could about some of my more statement shoes. statement shoes

Statement shoes

So what is a statement shoe? To me a statement shoe is a printed or colorful shoe that can truly make an outfit pop. So any shoe really that can take an otherwise boring outfit to the next level. Are these the shoes I wear all the time? No that would be my most boring pair of black Chelsea boots, but still, if you like shoes, then I’m sure you will like this.

How would you like me to continue showing you my shoe collection?

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