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If you’ve followed this space for a long time, then you’ll know that I used to lots of food related posts. A few years ago, when I first discovered I had a sensitivity to wheat, I went out and tried so many different meals. But now that I have found my mojo, I just haven’t been as inspired to try out new meals. Until recently. I decided to try out some new things again and get back into the kitchen. I already posted these on my Instagram, so if these look familiar to you, then that is correct. I will most likely update you on there, but let me know if you want recipes for any of these, because then I will be able to post those.

recent eats

Egg white wrap with salmon, cucumber, avocado and spring onion

What kick started this rekindling of trying foods is my wish to eat fewer carbs again. That’s what I used to do, but as my intolerance lessened because of being diligent for some years, I found I was able to eat more bread and other grains. And so I did, however I felt that over time, I just wasn’t feeling as energetic and so I decided to switch things up again. One of the first things I tried is a wrap but made out of egg whites rather than a taco. So far so good!

recent eats

Vegetarian enchiladas

This is based off a recipe by Detoxinista. It features zucchini enchiladas, and where hers is vegan, mine is vegetarian as I always want this with some cheese. I think the creaminess of the cheese adds a nice balance in the dish that there wouldn’t be otherwise. Another change I make is in the filling. The original recipe calls for sweet potato cubes, but I find that too starchy. So I swapped those for kidney beans instead. This is a dish I have been making for years, but I hadn’t made it in a while.

recent eats

Quinoa salad

This is one of my own concoctions. I like cooking from scratch and just chucking some ideas together. The result usually comes out quite nicely and I like how tasty this is. This features quinoa that I boil in a bit of vegetable stock for added flavor. I don’t like quinoa warm: I only like it cooled down in salads. For added flavor I add some roasted chickpeas, some tomatoes, lettuce, olives and feta cheese and you have yourself a great lunch to take with you to work.

recent eats

Gnocchi bake

A new dish I tried to make the other day is this gnocchi bake. I saw gnocchi in my supermarket and figured: hey I never made anything with that! So I bought some, googled some recipes and I saw a lot of versions that featured cheese and baking it off in the oven. The one that drew me in the most was a mushroom and blue cheese bake. But of course I had to give it my own spin. In the end the only thing I used the recipe for was the oven temperature. It’s a bunch of mushrooms, I added spinach, blue cheese and I finished off the dish with some double baked bacon bits (not pictured).

recent eats

Mediterranean salad

Another great way to have a quick lunch is by having a pasta salad. But this isn’t just any pasta. This pasta is made from chickpeas. So a lot better than wheat pasta as it adds another veggie into the mix. I just added some baby leaf spinach, tomatoes, olives and lots of lettuce and some goat’s cheese. And oh yeah, green pesto, because a pasta salad just isn’t complete without pesto.

Let me know if you’d like me to share full recipes for some of these meals!

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  1. I always end up trying new fresh recipes this time of year. Yay for fresher produce! These look yummy. Definitely interested in doing something with gnocchi & the veg enchiladas.

    • The veg enchilladas are super simple. I like to make them much spicier than the original and balance it out with more tomato and cheese. I hardly ever end up using the original recipe once a recipe becomes one of my favorites.

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