NYX blue liquid lipsticks

Blue lipstick is not everyone’s cup of tea, but as you know, I like trying some weird shades. I have a history of reviewing lipstick lines by trying a nude, bright, red and a ‘weird’ color if the brand does them. And lately that has led me to wearing some blue lipsticks in my recent videos. I have been trying blue lipsticks for a while, but had not yet found quite the right one. Will these blue liquid lipsticks by NYX be the perfect blue lip? nyx blue liquid lipstick liquid suede jetset cosmic metals dark nebula review swatch

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Jetset
NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream Dark Nebula

NYX is quite an affordable brand, but it depends on where you get their products how much they truly cost. In the US, NYX can be dubbed drugstore priced, though some of their products can be quite up there in price. In the Netherlands the best way of buying NYX is through their stand alone stores or Douglas and the products are a little bit mroe expensive than in the US. These lipsticks retails around the $7 in the US, but they retails around the €9 mark in The Netherlands.

NYX Liquid Suede Jetset

nyx blue liquid lipstick liquid suede jetset cosmic metals dark nebula review swatch

The reason I bought this lipstick? Because I saw it on Instagram. Yes, sometimes I am that shallow. But I saw an influencer using this and then thought: I want to try that! The best way to describe Jetset would be as a royal blue. It is a true bright blue and it is great to see a more affordable brand do a shade like this. This is not my first liquid suede lipstick either. I have a few which I already reviewed here and here.

NYX Cosmic Metals Dark Nebula

nyx blue liquid lipstick liquid suede jetset cosmic metals dark nebula review swatch

I hadn’t tried a Cosmic Metals lipstick yet. These were quite new when I bought these, but metallic lipsticks didn’t take off like some brands had hoped they would. The Cosmic Metals line was NYX’s attempt at creating a fun metallic line and I bought this hoping it would compliment Jetset and work as a topper. Sadly it doesn’t as it is quite a bit darker, but it is surprisingly the more flattering of the two.

The Swatch

nyx blue liquid lipstick liquid suede jetset cosmic metals dark nebula review swatch

As you can see these shades are not patchy at all. Many of the other blues I’ve tried go on super patchy and are a nightmare to apply. Case in point? The Catrice Pure Pigments and Rimmel Stay Matte liquid lipsticks. In short, blue is a difficult lipstick color to get right. As you can see pigmentation wise, the NYX lipsticks look great.

Texture wise I feel these are very comparable. The liquid suede lipsticks are a comfortable liquid lipstick formula that will be great if you don’t want too much of a dry down. I love that though, so these aren’t my favorite liquid lipsticks as they don’t stay put all day. These have a tendency to pull into the fine lines around my mouth, which is not a great look.

The Application

nyx blue liquid lipstick liquid suede jetset cosmic metals dark nebula review swatch

Sadly, as cool as Jetset looked on the influencer on Instagram, it is not my shade of blue. It is much too bright and looks weird against my fair complexion. I think this shade will look great on darker skin tones as it will set off nicely. However, on me, it makes me look like I had too much KoolAid. This is one of the very few lipstick shades that do not suit me.

nyx blue liquid lipstick liquid suede jetset cosmic metals dark nebula review swatch

Dark Nebula is much more flattering on me, which surprised me. I applied it over Jetset, but as you can see it doesn’t have the effect I wanted it to have. It looks more navy and the shine truly takes this lipstick to the next level. Of the two shades, this has to be my favorite one on me, but the formula is a tad sticky and slippery, making this again not the best in terms of lasting power.

The Conclusion

I may not have found the perfect blue lipstick yet, but if you are on a budget, these are still worth a shot. If you like a comfortable liquid lipstick formula than the NYX Liquid Suede and Cosmic Metals liquid lipsticks are definitely worth a try. Both of these also come in much more wearable colors if the blue of Jetset and Dark Nebula are not your thing. However, my search for the perfect blue lipstick continues.

What blue lipstick would you recommend I try?

8 responses to “NYX blue liquid lipsticks”

  1. Blue looks so nice on you! I like the first one a lot but I can see what you mean that it still not the right blue. It does come pretty close to a true blue though! I actually never pick up bold fun colors but lately I have been wanting to give them a try!

    • Yeah it looks a bit off doesn’t it. I am thinking I am better off with navy so I have found one by Anastasia that looks stunning. Now I just need to decide whether I want to buy it or not.
      And try it! Makeup comes off at the end of the day and you don’t have to wear it out of the house if you don’t want to.

      • Yes I think maybe because of the purple undertone? For me a true blue would just be a little dark but does not lean into a blue or green undertone. That is true I can just wipe it off it I don’t like it or just not leave the house until I am comfortable wearing bold colors! Great post!

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