Colourpop Singles eyeshadow palette

Everyone has been gushing about the Colourpop eyeshadow formula and so I was dying to try some. Rather than buying one of their ready made palettes, however, I decided to go with singles instead. Why? Because none of the palettes in their line truly tickled my fancy and because I am currently experimenting with a lot more colorful eyeshadows, so I figured I would be better off getting my own custom palette.

colourpop single pressed eyeshadow palette zpalette mono review swatch

Colourpop Pressed Powder eyeshadow palette

In the video I put together for you, I have included putting the palette together in an old Z-palette that I used to keep depotted shadows. Since I never use those, I took most of those out or transferred them to another palette if they were special enough and replaced them with these Colourpop eyeshadows. The pans retail for $4 each and I got free shipping on my order and for once wasn’t charged any extra shipping and handling fees by the Dutch custom office. Hooray!

These are the shadows that I got! Swatches can be found in the video after each row has been put into the palette.

  • Hear Me Out (matte)
  • Let Me Explain (shimmer)
  • Made to Last (matte)
  • Take the Lead (matte)
  • Cloud Nine (matte)
  • Snake Eyes (metallic)
  • High Strung (metallic)
  • Glass Bull (metallic)
  • Tea Garden (metallic)
  • Team Captain (matte)
  • Slay-Farer (metallic)
  • Tiny Tangerines (pearl)
  • Formation (matte)
  • Bassline (metallic)
  • Backstage (matte)
  • Two Piece (pearl)
  • Deja Boo (pearl)
  • Tiki (matte)
  • Paper Tiger (matte)
  • Koi (matte)
  • Sauvage (metallic)
  • Poodle (matte)
  • Prowlin’ (metallic)
  • Silver Lining (matte)
  • 143 (matte)
  • Fault Line (metallic)
  • Crown Jewel (metallic)

What Colourpop single would you like to get?

4 responses to “Colourpop Singles eyeshadow palette”

  1. I have 4 ColourPop singles that I won in a giveaway (from your list, the only shade I have that’s the same is Silver Lining) – they’re really good quality! In fact, I prefer them over Makeup Geek eye shadows. I would definitely want more ColourPop one of these days… shipping is a pain though. I heard people got hit with high duties ordering from ColourPop so I’m glad you didn’t get charged this time!

    • Yeah I was once charged the amount of my order in shipping & handling fees. I just wish Colourpop would come to Beauty Bay. It would save so much hassle.

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