MAC Morange lipstick

When I was in London, I finally got to Back 2 MAC some of my decluttered products. We do get MAC here, but Holland is not connected to the Back 2 MAC programme. But the UK is! So I hung on to my products for nearly a year and decided to get a free lipstick. Since I had a year to decide what I wanted to get, I was quick to decide. I decided to get an Amplified lipstick in the shade Morange.

mac morange amplified lipstick swatch review

MAC Amplified lipstick Morange

If you buy a MAC lipstick in the store, it will set you back €19.50. That is quite a bit, but I think that MAC lipsticks are worth that price point. I have bought enough of their lipsticks at that price point and I feel I have a good selection of shades. If you are curious which other MAC lipsticks I have, you can watch this video I did.

The Packaging

mac morange amplified lipstick swatch review

MAC lipsticks have some of the most iconic packaging in the beauty industry. The bullet (or tampon 😉 ) shaped lipstick is black and comes in an individual box when you buy it. The only downside to this packaging is when you have a few of these: it becomes incredibly difficult to tell them apart. That is why I organize mine by color family in my collection and store them upside down so I can see the shade names on the bottom of the lipstick.

The Lipstick

mac morange amplified lipstick swatch review

Morange is an Amplified finish lipstick. This means the color payoff is intense, but it is not a matte finish. The finish of this lipstick has a bit of sheen to it. But I love the Amplified lipsticks as they do stay put, are comfortable and do not travel outside my lip line. And the range features some great, bright shades. Case in point: Morange. It is a tangerine orange that borders on a coral. So it’s not a true orange orange, but it definitely has a bit of a different undertone.

The Swatch

mac morange amplified lipstick swatch review

As you can see in the swatch, the lipstick has a bit of a sheen to it, but the color payoff is super intense. The texture is creamy and this glides on so easily. However, as with many lipsticks that you use for the first time, there is a bit of toughness to the lipstick at first as if there is a layer that needs to wear off first. That is why the swatch is so wonky. However, once that wears off, this lipstick glides on very easily.

The Application

mac morange amplified lipstick swatch review

Morange is a stunning shade. What I appreciate about MAC lipsticks is how easy they are to apply. The pointed tip to the bullet makes the application precise and easy to apply. The shade is so bright and intense, that it totally throws off my camera: the camera just doesn’t do it justice. This lipstick wears all day and I can throw this on in the morning and not worry about it throughout my workday. Unless I am eating something greasy like a salad with lots of dressing, then this lipstick stays put all day and doesn’t need a touch up until the 7 – 8 hour mark.

The Conclusion

Morange is a great addition to my MAC lipstick collection. It is a fun, bright color that lasts well on my lips and has an easy to wear formula. If you haven’t tried a MAC lipstick yet, then I highly recommend looking into them. They have a shade and a finish for everyone! If you’re unsure, there are loads of swatches and videos online, and you can always try one in store and ask the MUA for help as well. That is how I found my first one!

What MAC lipstick is still on your wishlist?

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