Sleek I-Divine Garden of Eden

It is a sad, sad day for makeup when one of your favorite palettes is discontinued. That is what happened with this Sleek eyeshadow palette. Lately, Sleek seems to have been discontinuing many of their I-Divine palettes and out of all of them, I am saddest seeing this one go. Garden of Eden is a great little palette if you love your greens.  sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette garden of eden swatch review

Sleek I-Divine palette Garden of Eden

One thing I always love about Sleek is how affordable they are. This palette retails for around the €10 mark depending on where you get it. While it is discontinued and no longer available via the Sleek website, it is still available through other retailers, I am guessing while stocks last. In short, you can still get your hands on this palette if you’d like to.

The Packaging

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette garden of eden swatch review

In terms of packaging, that’s where Sleek definitely takes its name in stride. Because that is exactly what this palette is: sleek. The palette is small and can easily fit into a makeup bag. So this is perfect for travel. There is a good sized mirror as well in the lid. These palettes always come with a double ended sponge tip application. I never use those personally and think it is a bit a waste of space.

The Palette

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette garden of eden swatch review

What makes Garden of Eden so special is the color story. This is a palette that features a row of earthy tones at the top and a row of mostly greens at the bottom. It is those greens why I love this palette so much. Not many palettes have a color story like this, and I appreciate how unique this is. Sleek do many great color combinations in their palettes, which is why I own quite a few.

The Swatches

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette garden of eden swatch review

There is only one disappointing shade in this palette and that is the lightest matte green. That barely shows up, even on my fair skin. There just isn’t a lot of pigment there. Everything else works quite well. As with most Sleek palettes, there are mostly shimmers. It is quite exceptional that there are 4 mattes in here. Sleek shadows a bit dry and chalky and they need a bit of figuring out to bring them out to their fullest potential. However, once you do that, these shadows work just fine. Before I dared investing in more expensive palettes, I used solely Sleek palettes and I had absolutely no complaints.

The Application

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette garden of eden swatch review

Where are we without a look? This is the look I came up with using this palette. I used the greens mostly closest to my eye and used the browns mostly in the crease to frame the look. I even used that lightest green shimmer shade in my inner corner as a highlight. To me, this isn’t truly a stand alone palette. I would always try and bring in something else, even if it is just a matte brow bone highlight: that is not part of this palette.

The Conclusion

sleek I-divine eyeshadow palette garden of eden swatch review

Yes, another Sleek palette, another great color story. Garden of Eden is definitely one of the more unique eyeshadow palettes in my collection. For that fact alone, I will be keeping this. It is not a palette that can do a whole lot though in terms of versatility and I always pull in other palettes and eyeshadows if I want to truly make this work.

What do you think of Sleek’s Garden of Eden?

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