Catrice Fresh It Up Aqua Fresh Hydro Primer

When I did my video giving you an overview of what is new from Catrice for fall 2018, quite a few people seemed interested in one of the new primers. For fall 2018, Catrice have come out with several new primers and one of them is a hydrating primer. So far, hydrating primers are my favorite with the Too Faced Hangover RX primer being the best I have tried up to now. How does Catrice’s Fresh It Up Aqua Fresh Hydro primer live up to that standard? catrice fresh it up aqua fresh hydro primer review swatch

Catrice Primer and Fine Fresh It Up Aqua Fresh Hydro primer

The main reason why I want to try more primers is because I haven’t tried many. And if I can find a cheaper alternative to the Too Faced one that works just as well, then of course I am all ears. When it comes to price point, then the Catrice one definitely wins as it is only €4.59. That means it costs only about 1/5 of the Too Faced one.

The Packaging

catrice fresh it up aqua fresh hydro primer review swatch

I like the packaging of this primer. It is easy to use and fuss free. It is similar in style to other Catrice primers, but this has blue packaging. So this primer is not only easy to find on the shelves it is also easy to tell apart in your make up collection. The squeezy tube makes it easy to get the right amount of product without getting messy and you will be able to get all the product out of the packaging.

The Swatch

catrice fresh it up aqua fresh hydro primer review swatch

The primer is a very liquid formula. It comes out white, but easily spreads out into a clear substance. It feels very soft and hydrating. I like how this has a slightly cooling effect on the skin as well. This is a perfect primer for the summer time. My skin has been loving this stuff. I cannot attest whether it truly makes a difference yet, as I haven’t used it enough, but it feels amazing. It blends easily and sinks into the skin right away.

The Application

catrice fresh it up aqua fresh hydro primer review swatch

I always try to include before and after photos in my reviews. Here you can see my face without primer on the left and with primer on the right. There isn’t a visible difference. This primer doesn’t minimize pores, nor does it add any extra glow or does it mattify your face. It is really just an extra layer of hydration. Catrice claims you can wear this under makeup or on its own. I would personally never wear this without makeup on top as I feel it doesn’t do much in terms of evening out my skin tone.

The Effect

catrice fresh it up aqua fresh hydro primer review swatch

The ultimate test of any primer is of course what the makeup looks like after a full day of wear. In these pictures you can see what my makeup looked like right after it was applied on the left. On the right, you can see my makeup after 8 hours of wear. For a primer that doesn’t necessarily promise to make your makeup longlasting I think this isn’t too bad. My makeup doesn’t look super oily, nor does it completely breakdown. Even after a long day at work, my makeup still looks okay. Not perfect, but I don’t expect that of makeup after more than 10 hours.

The Conclusion

I am very surprised by how well the Catrice Hydro Primer worked. I really like the feeling of this on my skin, it makes my makeup last fairly well and it really seems to add an extra layer of hydration. Has it completely knocked the Too Faced primer off its pedestal? I am not sure yet, but I do think this is a good affordable option.

What is your favorite budget friendly primer?

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