Swap unboxing

I am so excited to be sharing today’s video with you! When Stashy quit her blog Stash Matters, she held a massive giveaway. We had been going back and forth between each other’s blogs for some time and noticed we had some items we both loved that would be hard to get for the other person. She put some of those items in her giveaway, which I entered, but we decided that if I didn’t win, we’d do a makeup swap. She’s from Canada, I’m from the Netherlands, which means we were able to exchange quite some exciting items. Here’s what she got me! swap unboxing

Swap Unboxing

Would you like to see what Stashy got me? Then head over to her Instagram: @stashmatters as she will be sharing what I got her over there.

I am super excited to be trying all of these items.
Thanks Stashy!


6 responses to “Swap unboxing”

  1. Great video of your unboxing and your reaction to each item!
    I debated so much about the lipstick shades so I’m glad they are ones you prefer!
    Enjoy your goodies!!! <3

    • I was so surprised by the MAC brushes and I read your list afterwards and thought it funny that I compared some of the products to the same you mentioned in the list, like the NARS brushes and the Givenchy like blush.

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