Catrice Eye Foundation eyeshadow primer

I haven’t had much luck trying super affordable eyeshadow primers. I have used some, one even by Catrice, and none of them did the trick for me. The most successful eyeshadow primer I’ve tried at the most affordable price point is the Milani eyeshadow primer. But now there is a new contender. Catrice have released a new eyeshadow primer for their fall/ winter 2018 collection. Is it any good? Catrice eye foundation waterproof eyeshadow primer matt review swatch

Catrice Eye Foundation
waterproof eyeshadow primer

First of all, this eye foundation retails for just €3.59! That makes this one of the most affordable eyeshadow primers I have ever used. It doesn’t beat the Essence one, but I didn’t like that as it didn’t make my eyeshadow stay put. And that is usually why I don’t like an eyeshadow primer. I need them to make my shadow stick and last all day. So that’s what I’m looking for in the new Catrice Eye Foundation.

The Packaging

Catrice eye foundation waterproof eyeshadow primer matt review swatch

A squeezy tube with a doe foot applicator! I like! This packaging not only makes using the product more hygienic than most primers, but it also means you are able to scrape out every last bit. This is also available in a pearl shade by the way, if you like your primer to have a bit more shine. I do not, so I opted for the matt version.

The Applicator

Catrice eye foundation waterproof eyeshadow primer matt review swatch

One of my all time favorite eyeshadow primers is Urban Decay Primer Potion. The packaging of this reminded me of the updated primer potion packaging. And that is a huge plus. I love a doe foot applicator for my eyeshadow primer. It makes it easy to apply and to not apply too much. I find that with just a squeezy tube, while okay, I do not get the same amount every time. So in terms of ease of application, this is definitely a winner.

The Swatch

Catrice eye foundation waterproof eyeshadow primer matt review swatch

My main issue with some of the more affordable eyeshadow primers is the color selection. Often they have a very strong yellow undertone and it just doesn’t go well with my complexion. I was afraid that this might be the same, but luckily for me, this primer has a tint to it, but when you blend it out it just blends into your skin and is undetectable.

The texture of this primer is definitely on the tacky side. Perfect! As that makes me very hopeful for how well this primer will hang on to my eyeshadow. It is definitely more tacky than other primers I’ve used and it doesn’t get tacky straight away. The primer starts more creamy and then dries down to a more tacky base. I always use a paintpot on top to block out my veining and any redness, which I then set that with an off white shadow.

The Application

Catrice eye foundation waterproof eyeshadow primer matt review swatch

So the next question we need to ask ourselves is: Does thing really work? And yes it does! To my surprise, this primer is one of the best ones I have ever tried. I know, bold statement and I haven’t used it much yet. But the pictures above should give you proof. I took the top picture around noon. The second picture was taken 8 hours later. In the middle of summer. In a heatwave. And the eye look DID. NOT. BUDGE.

The colors look a little less vibrant perhaps and the texture of my eye has become more visible. But this primer ensures your shadow stays put for more than a workday without breaking a sweat. In fact, you can break a sweat when wearing this primer and your eyeshadow will not go anywhere. I tried wearing this primer under a look and then went to the gym for a round for cardio. The rest of my makeup disappeared, but the shadow stayed put.

The Conclusion

I think that the Catrice Eye Foundation eyeshadow primer is a new gem at the European drugstore. It makes your shadow stick all day, prevents creasing and last really really well. I am slowly running out of my Milani eyeshadow primer, so guess what I will be moving on to once that runs out? Yes, this €3.59 eyeshadow primer by Catrice OVER the much more expensive and old favorite Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It is that good. Highly recommend!

What eyeshadow primer do you love?

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  1. I’m a little confused about the part where you said it has a tint but then you said it blends into your skintone. Is it clear like the original UD Primer Potion or will it cancel out your veins and discoloration like a MAC Paint Pot or the UD Primer Potion in Eden? Thanks!

    • The tint is very similar to my skin which is why it blends into my skin tone. However, it is not strong enough to cancel my lids completely like a paintpot. But it is not as clear as most other eye primers I tried. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. I just bought one and my first impression is that the package is EMPTY! Was it the same for you?! To see the product coming out of the package I have to squeeze it almost to the max! Feeling a bit disappointed… But didn’t try yet..

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