Catrice Blush Box

Blush has to be my favorite makeup products apart from eyeshadow. I love a good blush. And if they are natural, then it is just an added bonus. Catrice has released a whole range of matt blushes for fall/ winter 2018. They are called the Blush Box and I am reviewing one of them for you today.  catrice blushbox soft rose blush review matt matte swatch

Catrice blush box Soft Rose

In total this blush is available in 6 different shades and it seems to be a good array of color. Soft Rose is the lightest shade in the bunch, but there are also some darker shades in the range with is nice. This blush retails for €3.59 and contains 6 grams of product.

The Packaging

catrice blushbox soft rose blush review matt matte swatch

The Catrice blush box packaging is very simple as with many of the Catrice blushes. I have loved many of them over the years and I have to say that it is about time that Catrice stopped changing their range so often. This blush is nearly identical to many other blushes they have done in the past, it’s just been repackaged. Each of these blushes come with an inspirational quote pressed into the product, which I could do without to be honest. It does give these blushes a kind of a collectors vibe as each blush comes with a different quote.

The Blush

catrice blushbox soft rose blush review matt matte swatch

Soft Rose is that neutral toned blush that I love. It is fully matte and should be longwearing as it is waterproof and sweatproof. What I like about these kinds of blush colors is how healthy they make your cheeks look. I own many blushes like this and truth be told: I can’t get enough of them. If you are fair skinned a blush like this is ideal as it will give you enough color in your face, but without overdoing it and making you look like a clown.

The Swatch

catrice blushbox soft rose blush review matt matte swatch

Swatched on my skin, it looks a bit more peachy than I hoped. For a blush called soft rose, there isn’t much rose left in this shade. The pigmentation is good, but I do find the product to be quite powdery. This has a lot of kickback, which I am not used to having in my blushes. The texture feels smooth though, but I just think the pressing of the powder isn’t that tight. This blush lasts all day on my cheeks and I experience no fading, but then again, I never really have that issue with a blush.

The Application

catrice blushbox soft rose blush review matt matte swatch

So what does this look like on? As you can see it gives a very subtle effect. You can clearly see how this tones down the highlight I had on and that it just adds that hint of color to my cheeks. It makes for a soft, neutral look that goes with any makeup creation you might want to throw on. While the swatch looked quite peachy on my arm, I don’t think this blush looks that peachy on my cheeks. On my cheek it looks more like it does in the pan.

The Conclusion

catrice blushbox soft rose blush review matt matte swatch

Yes, I am liking this Catrice blush box. Did I really need this though? Not at all as I already have so many of these blushes. However, if you are still in the market for a neutral blush that is perfect for fair skin tones, then this blush and shade would be a safe bet. They also sell some other shades, so if this particular blush color is not your cup of tea, there is more to try out.

What blush at the drugstore is your favorite?

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  1. Very nice post!! I think this is the kind of blush my best friend would love, she likes natural blushes and she has a pale skin!!!

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