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It wasn’t too long since I last did a What’s in my Bag video, but I have already bought a new one! The reason? The one I last showed you was already falling apart. Plus I have been downsizing my daily items and thus no longer have a need for a super big bag. So when I found this leopard print Cornelia bag by Whistles in the ASOS summer sale, I knew I had to snatch it up.

what's in my bag leopard print whistles cornelia review

Whistles Cornelia Bag | What’s in my Bag

So previously I always wore quite large bags as I wanted to fit everything into one bag. But now that I have downsized some key items, I decided that I might as well put my lunch in a canvas tote and just wear a smaller bag for everyday. And this bag has been so versatile! I wear it almost every day: to work, when I run errands. In the few weeks that I have owned this, it has been a great little workhorse.

What bag are you using?

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