Skincare routine | daily essentials, new in & backups

In today’s video I am taking you into my bathroom! That’s right. I thought we could talk skincare for a moment. The only time I feature skincare on my blog or my youtube channel is when I do an empty products post or when I am trying something new. But that leaves a lot of my favorites out of the picture. That is why I thought it would be fun to take you through my skincare shelf in my bathroom. I talk to you about what I am currently using on a daily basis and show you what I keep as back ups because they are my favorites and some new in products that I am looking forward to trying.  skincare routine daily essentials what I use new in backups favorites review swatch

Skincare routine
Daily Essentials, New In & Backups

When it comes to skincare I am quite picky, because my skin is picky. I have sensitive, dry to normal, dehydrated skin, so finding products that worked for me was quite the journey. Much of what I tried made me breakout, give me rashes or inflammation when I first dipped my toe into the world of skincare, but I have found that simple, affordable products tend to work best for me. What also works? Not messing about too much and using up a product before moving on to something new. If you ever wondered how I manage to use up so much product every couple of months, now you know why, as my skin just needs some time to get used to a product before I even know whether it works well for me or not.

I hope you enjoyed the video and hopefully it has given you some inspiration for products you might want to try too. I am happy with the products I am currently using and look forward to working in some new products as time progresses. Those peels and acids scare me a bit as I don’t know how my skin will react as I have never used those. So let me know in a comment down below if you have more experience with them how you use them and whether you have any recommendations that you think I should try!

What skincare do you use?

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