Blush for pale skin

Blusher is my favorite product after eyeshadow. We all know how much I love eyeshadow, but blush is a close second. But if you have pale skin, like me, it can be hard to find a good color blush that works. Too pigmented blushes can make you look clownish and many shades look too intense. So what do I like to wear to create a subtle flush on my cheeks? I selected 5 blushes from my collection that I am sharing with you today.  blush for pale skin

Blush for pale skin

Benefit Coralista – Coralista is a long standing favorite of mine. I love wearing this in the summer time especially. It is that perfect coral shade. And while I don’t love shimmery blushes, this is one of the very few blushes where I really don’t mind it. This gives such a pretty glowy look to the cheeks and especially in combination with a bit of a sunkissed look, this just works.

Wet N Wild Color Icon Ombré Blush In a Purple Haze – This past year I really discovered purple blush. I have a few, but this Wet N Wild one isn’t only one of the prettiest and most wearable, it is also super affordable. This has the perfect balance between pink and purple, which makes this not too overwhelming. It is quite sheer as well, so it is not as if this will make your cheek look purple. So if you were interested in trying a purple blush, then this may be a good first step in that direction.

H&M Beauty Blush Tawny Peach – It is no secret that one of my favorite blushes is this one. I love a natural blush color and this is the perfect shade. It has a bit of brown, a bit of peach and it is just a nice muted shade that adds just enough color to your cheeks. Rather than a flushed look, this gives a healthy bit of color that is something you just need when you have fair skin. Instead of a true pop of color, sometimes all you need is to add some color into your face and this will do that without making it look too bronze.

MAC Extra Dimension Blush At Dusk – For the winter I really love this dusty pink shade by MAC. I have had it for years and I grab for it every single winter. When I am at my palest, a shade like this just works so well. While some of the other shades in this post can work year round, this one is a bit light for me in other seasons. It has quite a cool toned pink as well, so it doesn’t add much warmth to your look, but paired with a cool toned eye look, a pink or purple highlighter and not too much bronzer, this is very pretty indeed.

ELF Baked Blush Rich Rose – Another affordable blush option that I love is ELF’s Rich Rose. This baked blush is not my favorite in terms of formula: it is a bit dry and not a whole lot comes off. But that is great if you are fair skinned! This is a bronze infused with pink and this is again one that I like wearing in the summer time mostly. It is a simple blush that adds a bit of color but also a lot of sunkissed glow.

What is your favorite blush for your skintone?

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  1. The MAC Extra Dimension Blush At Dusk is so pretty! I don’t have pale skin but I love some of the Japanese blushers which are much softer and more pastel, from brands like MUJI or Shu Uemura. 🙂

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