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Since October was one of the worst months for reading again this year, I figured than instead of a post about books, I could share some music with you again. The other week I finally went through my playlists and added tons of new songs, which inspired me to create a new Music ABC playlist. I made one a few years ago, but that was more than 2 years ago and was a playlist I made based on my all time favorite songs mostly. But I figured I could also share a playlist with some of my more recent favorites and some more all time favorites thrown in the mix. So that’s what this is, I hope you enjoy!

music abc 2.0

Music ABC 2.0
(Picture is of Bloc Party’s most recent show in AFAS Live)

So before we get to the music, I think I should explain the concept to you. The first playlist was based around all time favorites, listed in alphabetical order by song title. If you would like to have a look at the first installment of this playlist, then please click here or search Music ABC in the search bar.

For this installment I wanted to focus more on current favorites: this is a selection of my favorites playlist. Again, most of the songs are ordered in alphabetical order again, but I didn’t have enough songs for the Q and X so I left those out of the equation and filled up some of the letters by artist rather than by song. There were some songs I just couldn’t leave out, so I found a way to include them that way.

In order to share them, I decided to not do in weekly steps with a different letter each week. Instead, I’m sharing the playlists in one go: via Spotify and Youtube. There are over 120 songs in this list and therefore lost of music to enjoy. There is a bit of everything here: from super big hits, to obscure indie, to some of my favorite dance tracks from recent years and ultimate, ultimate favorites by bands I have loved for years and whose albums I keep playing over and over. So there are some artists in this list that were also on the previous list, but some I haven’t featured before yet. Hope you enjoy!

Here is the spotify playlist:

Because not all songs are on Spotify (the bane of my existence), I have also created a playlist on Youtube as that does have a better selection of music. Plus that gives you music videos for many of these songs in case you’re interested. Some of those are also very much worth your while.


What have you been listening to?

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