Simple Hydrating light moisturizer

Simple Skincare is one of those brands that I have heard many great things about. It was recommended to me by my friend Alison and I already tried a few bits in the past. However for a long time Simple was not available in The Netherlands which made it harder to really gather my thoughts. Now that they are widely available, I figured I would try a few of their products. I already reviewed their eye makeup remover which I love, so how much do I like their moisturizer.

simple hydrating light moisturizer sensitive skin experts review swatch skincare

Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Hydrating Light Moisturizer

One thing that drew me into this brand is the price point. This is by far one of the most affordable skincare items I have ever tried. It is certainly the cheapest moisturizer I have ever used. At a mere €6.05, this moisturizer is cheap and cheerful and therefore a good thing if you have sensitive skin but on a budget.

Because there is a second reason why I wanted to try Simple skincare: the fact that it is formulated for sensitive skin. This brand promises to deliver skincare products that get the job done yet are void of many of the ‘bad things’. It should not contain any fragrance for instance and be hypoallergenic.

The Packaging

simple hydrating light moisturizer sensitive skin experts review swatch skincare

Since this is a simple brand, the packaging is also just that: simple. I do appreciate how this is a moisturizer that doesn’t come in a tub. I like a hygienic application of my skincare and this is most certainly that. What’s more: you get 50 ml of product inside, which is more than your usual 20 ml. You can easily seal it off, you don’t waste any product and the product is mostly easy to get out. I say mostly, because you do have to give this a good shake to get the product out.

The Ingredients

simple hydrating light moisturizer sensitive skin experts review swatch skincare

For a simple skincare product I do think the ingredient list is still quite long and a bit of abracadabra. I am not a chemist so many ingredient lists do not make a lot of sense to me. What I can see is that this indeed does not contain any fragrance. Other than that, this seems to include some great ingredients, but most of them do not pop up until the second half of the ingredient list. That means that most of this moisturizer is paraffin, glycerin and water: not exactly the type of ingredients that are groundbreaking. But if it works? That’s all that matters right?

The Swatch

simple hydrating light moisturizer sensitive skin experts review swatch skincare

As you can see, the moisturizer looks quite thick. Despite this being the lightweight formula, this moisturizer feels quite rich initially and it does take a few minutes to be fully absorbed by the skin. In terms of fragrance this is very neutral. If you have never smelled a moisturizer before that smells of ‘nothing’ then try this, because this has no scent to mask the rest of the ingredients.

While this feels quite rich, I do feel that this lies on top of the skin quite a bit rather than fulling blending into it. In the swatch pictures above you can see what I mean. There is a bit of a white streak still visible in the last picture: I find this quite hard to evenly blend into the skin as you just smear it all over and then need to led it sit before it does its job.

Overall, I feel this moisturizer does an okay job. It worked quite wwell at then end of summer when I first started using this, but now that it is getting colder I can feel that this may not be enough in the long run. I did see there is a rich formula as well, which I may want to try. But so far, this isn’t my favorite moisturizer I have ever tried.

The Conclusion

If you have sensitive skin and are looking for a very affordable moisturizer then the Simple Hydrating moisturizer is a good one to try. However, if you are looking for a bit more this is a bit too light and it didn’t blow my mind. I feel it does just enough to keep my skin in a decent condition, but it is not taking my skin to the next level. It is the latter that I am looking for and this didn’t deliver in that sense.

What is your favorite affordable moisturizer?

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  1. My favourite budget moisturiser is Olay’s Complete Day Fluid (the yellow one). It’s served me very well for years, and I have to credit it for taking years off my face. When I was 30, I had fewer lines and wrinkles than when I was 20. I didn’t use any other fancy skin care products, and Olay’s Complete Day Fluid was the only constant in my skin care.

    • I love Olay skincare. I use the day cream from the Total Effects line. I am not sure whether that is the same as what you mention as the branding and names of Olay products different between countries and continents. It is one of my all time favorite skincare products.

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