6 favorite Urban Outfitters pieces

Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite stores to shop at. I am not always successful in buying from them as  not everything is flattering on me, but over the years I have gathered quite a few items that I deem staples in my wardrobe. Today I am sharing with you my 6 favorites fashion items from Urban Outfitters.

favorite urban outfitters fashion items pieces clothing fashion

6 Urban Outfitters pieces

In terms of stores, Urban Outfitters can be a little overpriced for the quality you get, but when you find pieces that are worth it then I don’t mind spending a bit more. Quality wise I think all of the pieces I ever bought from them is on point, except for the odd t-shirt or two that I have tried. I haven’t tried many of their bottoms, but as you can see, there is definitely a theme as to what type of clothing items I love buying from UO.

favorite urban outfitters fashion items pieces clothing fashion

Let’s just not beat around the bush. My favorite item to shop for at Urban Outfitters? Cardigans. This burgundy cardigan is the one that got that love started. I have had this for nearly a decade and I am still wearing it. It works well over dresses and it is nice and warm. It is slouchy enough and whenever I find a cardigan at Urban Outfitters, I seem to buy it. And as you can see, if you take care of your items, you can wear them for a long long time.

favorite urban outfitters fashion items pieces clothing fashion

Item number 2 I love shopping for at Urban Outfitters is blouses. They do not always have the best selection out, but I was able to nab a few throughout the years that I love. This deep navy blouse with a floral print is perfect year round. Since it is short sleeved it works in the warmer seasons, but also in the colder weather with a cardigan on top. I prefer wearing this with skirts mostly as I feel it works well for a bit of a retro look. 

favorite urban outfitters fashion items pieces clothing fashion

Another OG Urban Outfitters items in my wardrobe is this playsuit. I bought this years ago when I was in Dublin and I don’t wear it often as it is not work appropriate. But boy was I happy to have this on hand when we were going through a heatwave last summer! It is a very strappy number with buttons down the front and a sweetheart neckline. I wear it with a white t-shirt underneath it or as is with a pair of Converse sneakers.

favorite urban outfitters fashion items pieces clothing fashion

I call this cardigan my grandpa cardigan. This definitely has some old man chic vibes to it. I love how it has burgundy, mustard and navy running through it. I don’t wear this out all that much anymore as I feel this has lost its shape a little bit after years of wear. But I love wearing this around the house. It is one of my coziest cardigans I own. If I am in a reading mood, which I have been in quite a bit lately, I love wearing this as it is perfect for snuggling up on the couch.

favorite urban outfitters fashion items pieces clothing fashion

This cutesy number is not something you might expect to find at Urban Outfitters, but that is where it is from. It is a longsleeved lace look blouse with a rounded Peter Pan style collar. I like layering this under sweaters and have the collar poking out in the winter time. In spring, I like to wear this as is with a faux leather a-line skirt and a pair of boots.

favorite urban outfitters fashion items pieces clothing fashion

The last item I have for you is guess what? Yep another cardigan. I told you I like Urban Outfitters cardigans! I found this cardigan at the stores in Camden and sort of just bumped into it. The cardigan has a marled grey look and is super duper soft. It is a longer line cardigan and this goes with nearly everything in my wardrobe, which is why this is one of those items that in the fall time I wear, wash and wear again.

Do you have any favorite items from Urban Outfitters?

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