Small creator tag

Lately I have seen quite a few people doing videos on the small creator tag. I don’t think I am even a small creator, more like a micro creator, but I still thought it would be fun to answer these questions. Watch the video on Youtube to get all the links to videos and channels mentioned in the video.

small creator tag

Small Creator Tag

Tag questions:

1)How many years have you been on youtube?
2)What was your very first video about?
3) Who is your dream collab?
4)What would it mean to you to “make it” on youtube?
5)What is your end goal on youtube?
6)What is the hardest part about youtube?
7)What is the best part about youtube?
8) What is the funniest comment you’ve ever gotten?
9) What is the meanest comment you’ve ever gotten?
10) What other subject matter could you create a youtube channel about?
11) Why did you start your youtube channel?
12)What video are you embarrassed by?
13)What video are you the most proud of?
14) What is your first youtube memory?

I hope you liked my answers. Have a great day!

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