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We don’t talk enough about brushes! And it is time for change. That is why I figured that 2019 is going to be the year of the makeup brush. I have quite an extensive makeup brush collection that I have gathered over the years and thought I’d talk you through it for a start.

I already started this a bit in 2018, when I did a full Get Ready With Me using the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Vault eyeshadow palettes. In that video I also talk about my favorite makeup brushes that I use on a daily basis. This video talks about Every . Single . Brush . I own. And there are quite a few so let’s just get cracking.

Brush Collection 2019

Giving a full list of all the brushes I mention would be a long list, so that is why I am giving you time stamps to the different categories.

Time stamps:

1:54 Collection overview
3:55 Travel brushes
6:02 Makeup sponges

Face brushes
7:23 Powder brushes
8:45 Foundation brushes
10:51 Large concealer brushes
11:53 Bronzer brushes
13:38 Miscellaneous face brushes
14:49 Blush brushes
16:21 Contour brushes
18:05 Highlighter brushes

Small brushes
19:37 Small concealer brushes
20:46 Miscellaneous eye brushes
22:02 Lip brushes
22:47 Small blending brushes
23:48 Detailed eye brushes
25:19 Eyeshadow shader brushes
26:51 Eyeshadow packing brushes
27:46 Crease brushes
30:11 Eyeshadow blending brushes
31:25 Cream & glitter eyeshadow brushes
32:41 Eyeliner brushes
33:56 Fluffy eyeshadow brushes
35:06 Lower lash line brushes
36:09 Spare brushes

What does your brush collection look like?

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