Makeup Declutter 2019 | Concealer

makeup declutter 2019 concealer

We’re going steady with the declutters and keep going. The next installment: concealers. When it comes to base products, concealer is by far my favorite and therefore I have tried quite a few. I also have a few solid favorite and I know what I like. So that is why there is quite a bit here and I have some firm opinions on some of these products.

Makeup Declutter 2019 | Concealer

What concealer would you like to declutter?

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  1. I have tried SO many concealers since I have “bags” under my eyes, I need a good one. I will probably get rid of Tarte shape tape, it was not worth the price and too drying. I might also declutter L’Oreal Visible Lift. My favorite concealer by far is the much less expensive Maybelline Instant Age Rewind! I love the little spongy thing at the top too. 🙂 I’m trying Maybelline’s Master Conceal, but I don’t like it as well so far.

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