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Part of the Catrice Spring/ Summer 2019 update are some new makeup tools. There are two new brushes, a new makeup sponge that appears to resemble a Beauty Blender and a dupe for the Vera Mona Color Switch: a brush cleanser in a pot. With so many new things to try, you knew I had to give them a whirl. There are my thoughts on the Catrice new makeup tools.

These brushes are a continuation of the Triangle Artist brush line that Catrice started releasing in the Fall/ Winter line. I already reviewed that first batch of releases and this is the second batch. Additionally, they released a new beauty sponge as well as a brush cleanser that you can use to spot clean your brushes in between different applications.

Catrice Triangle Artist Concealer Brush | 010 Precise

catrice makeup tools brush sponge brush cleanser pot review highlighter concealer

New is a concealer brush. It retails for €4.99, which is very affordable. This looks like a mini version of the Powder brush that was released as part of the first round. It has a triangle shape and is super soft. Because of the soft bristles, this does eat up quite a bit of product, but it is small enough to apply the concealer well. The brush can easily blend the concealer around the nose and onto the under eye. So the brush works well enough. It is not my favorite concealer brush, but it is a nice affordable one that in a pinch, gets the job done.

Catrice Triangle Artist Highlighter Brush | 010 Impeccable

catrice makeup tools brush sponge brush cleanser pot review highlighter concealer

The new highlighter brush retails for the same price as the concealer brush: just €4.99. It is a light and fluffy brush that is denser around the middle and tapers towards the tip. This shape is perfect for highlighter as it allows you to blend and concentrate the highlighter along the cheekbone quite easily. For my cheeks, this brush is a bit on the big sign, but it really depends on your features how this plays out. In my case, this brush works much better as a contour brush as I prefer a more targeted highlight look. Overall, the brush works well but it is not my preferred highlighter brush.

Catrice Triangle Artist Beauty Sponge | 010 Flawless

catrice makeup tools brush sponge brush cleanser pot review highlighter concealer

The sponge was quite possibly the makeup tool that I was most excited about. For €4.99 this sponge also comes with a little stand. My experience with many more affordable sponges is that they aren’t the best, but some cheaper sponges far outdo the more expensive options. I love my Primark sponges and I hoped that this would be as good, but sadly this falls into the category of cheap but not so great sponges. This sponge is hard: rock hard when dry, and still too firm when wet. When trying to bounce the sponge around your face to apply your foundation, it feels like a gentle punch in the face. It is not exactly painful, but it also doesn’t feel nice. Because of the firmness of the sponge I also feel lots of product gets absorbed and is therefore wasted.

Catrice Quick ‘N Easy Brush Cleanser Pot | 010 It’s Magic!

catrice makeup tools brush sponge brush cleanser pot review highlighter concealer

The two brushes are okay, the sponge is a big fail, but the big winner here is the brush cleanser. It retails for €3.99. I instantly fell in love with this pot style brush cleanser. No water is needed: all you do is run your brush over the rough, sponge like surface and powder residue is gently cleaned off the brushes. It is especially handy to switch using different eyeshadow colors. It extends the time period between having to wash brushes with shampoo and makes it a lot quicker and easier to apply your makeup. Very pigmented shadows will still stain the brush hairs of course, but overall, I find this works really well. I use it with dense brushes, with fluffy brushes and I think it works equally with all the brushes I have used it with. This is the makeup tool I didn’t think I was missing.

Which of these new Catrice makeup tools would you like to try?

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  1. I am so excited for the Brush Cleanser! I am always looking for new tools to use, and I am absolutely lazy about cleaning my brushes. I need to have this, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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