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My Music Collection | Vinyl, CDs, MP3, Spotify & Cassette Tapes

A music collection? Yes, a music collection. Before makeup, before shoes, before books, my first love was and has always been music. It is my longest running collection and I thought it would be fun (and definitely something different!) to share it with you. So that is what today’s video is all about. A bit unusual perhaps, but who doesn’t like music? Below the video I have linked some of my homemade playlists that I swear by in case you are curious what I like listening to.

My Music Collection | Vinyl, CDs, MP3, Spotify & Cassette Tapes

Listen to some of my favorites:

^^ A playlist filled with ultimate favorites that I made a few years ago. The playlist is ordered in alphabetically order by song title.

^^ An updated version of my ultimate favorites playlist, because I felt too many songs were missing.

^^ My ultimate 2000 song shortlist. Anything in grey is sadly not listed on Spotify and the list has not been updated in a year, but this gives you a good idea of what I listen to in general.

Because not all songs I listen to are on Spotify, none of these lists are complete. You can follow me on Spotify here.

By clicking here you can read all of my music related blog posts.

Playlists that I listen to:

What kind of music do you like listening to?

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  1. Great to know what kind of music you like 😉
    I don’t have Spotify so I will check another site…..

    I wish you a great day Xoxo

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