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top 5 summer time bronzers the balm hourglass too faced urban decay nars

Bronzer is such a summer time staple product but if you are fair skinned they can be hard to find. But over time I have found quite a few bronzers that I love year round and a few that I love particularly when the weather gets warmer and I am not as fair skinned as usual. Truth be told, I don’t really tan and if I do get a bit of a tan it doesn’t hold. So I am quite fair year round. However, in the summer time, I feel I can get away with more and since I don’t tan, I do want to give myself that glowy, bronzy look. Here are some of my favorite bronzers to do that with.

Top 5 Summer Time Bronzers

top 5 summer time bronzers the balm hourglass too faced urban decay nars

Too Faced Sweet Hearts Bronzer Sweet Tea – I am usually not one for wearing glowy bronzers, but in the summer time, I don’t mind a bit of shine. So during that season I usually pull for some of my more shimmery numbers and one of my favorites to reach for then is this bronzer by Too Faced. It is too dark for me most of the year, but at the end of summer this gives such a great, natural, glowy bronzed look that I go back to it all the time.

NARS Laguna bronzer – Here you can see my ancient, dented, NARS Laguna bronzer that I decluttered earlier this year. The reason? It was old. But I still have this product! It is in a cheek palette I own. I never reviewed this formally as I bought this back in the day when I didn’t review every single product I bought. Still, this is a cult classic for a reason. By now I feel there are other bronzers on the market that I like a bit more, but it is a good staple to own.

The Balm Balm Desert bronzer – A more recent find is The Balm’s Balm Desert bronzer. This is the kind of bronzer that you look at at first and go like: nah, this will never work for me. However, I find this looks very pretty on the skin. It has a more pink undertone, which means that if you don’t like blush very much it can work for that as well. But because of that pink undertone it works well on my cool to neutral skin tone.

Urban Decay Beached Bronzer Sunkissed – A bronzer I definitely can only pull out in the summer time is this one by Urban Decay. This has a very clear reddish undertone. That is stunning as it makes your bronzer look like you have been caught by the sun. In the summer time that looks stunning especially if you have a bit of a tan. In the winter it can look very off though, which is why I use this exclusively towards the end of the summer time. The shade is also a hint too dark for me, but it blends out nicely which means this never looks too intense or muddy.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Radiant Light – We are ending with the most expensive product here. And it isn’t even an official bronzer! This is actually a face powder, but I bought mine three shades too dark. Radiant Light is great for that subtle glowy look. I love wearing this when I also want to contour (which I do with the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer) so it is a very specific use I have for this. However, that being said, this makes for a stunning all over bronze glow for fair skin and it is a product that I feel more people should try.

What bronzer do you love to use?

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