Catrice Hydrating Prime & Care spray

catrice hydrating prime & care primer makeup spray review swatch

Catrice keeps on releasing new products and one of those newer products is a line of makeup primer sprays. There is a line of Prime and Fine makeup fixing sprays, but primer sprays was something the brand did not yet have. This primer spray is one of two: the other is an energizing spray. Since I am all about that hydration, I decided to try this instead.

Catrice Hydrating Prime & Care Spray

One thing you know for sure is that this primer spray is going to be affordable. At just €4.99, this is definitely the case. The spray contains 75 ml of product which is a great amount for such an affordable price point. This spray is one that boasts including aloe vera, matcha tea and panthenol. It is definitely a different product for me: it feels very refreshing and I don’t normally use a spray primer. Most primers I use are a cream, so I was curious to see how this would work.

The Packaging

catrice hydrating prime & care primer makeup spray review swatch

You have to hand it to Catrice: they do packaging so well! Despite this being a simple plastic bottle, the label definitely adds a bit of a more upscale look. Their attention to detail is always spot on and you wouldn’t guess from the packaging that this is as affordable as it actually is.

The Spray

catrice hydrating prime & care primer makeup spray review swatch

A good spray is only as good as its spritzer though. I have tried many sprays of which the spray is too aggressive or where the product doesn’t come out in a fine enough mist to coat your face evenly. This sprayer is really nice though. It may be a bit too concentrated in one spot as the mist isn’t the finest I have ever tried, but it is still very functional and I don’t feel I apply more of this one space than in another.

The Swatch

catrice hydrating prime & care primer makeup spray review swatch

For a hydrating spray there is only one way to describe this: wet! When first applied, this spray feels very wet, but it is absorbed quickly and settles in place. It definitely doesn’t drip down your face. The feel on the face is very refreshing as the product promises to do and that is why it has been a great product to wear now that it is summer time. It feels cooling and I actually feel like it not only primes my face before I apply my makeup, but it also works well as a refreshing spray throughout the day.

The Application

catrice hydrating prime & care primer makeup spray review swatch

As you can see this product is completely clear. One it dries down, you can go in with your base as usual. It is nice that you don’t need your fingers or a brush to apply your primer, but I am not sure that this is as effective as a primer as a traditional primer. It works well enough to make my makeup look nice, but I feel it doesn’t really work well for making my makeup last longer. This does have a tendency to break up a bit more quickly than I would like.

The Conclusion

catrice hydrating prime & care primer makeup spray review swatch

If super lightweight primers are your jam than the Catrice Hydrating Prime & Care spray is a good one to try out. For me, it is not heavy duty enough for what I like a primer to do, but because of its refreshing and hydrating properties I still have a use for this. Now that the weather is warmer, I decided to pop this into my fridge. The result? A nicely cooling spray that helps you to feel more refreshed on a hot day. This was such a great product when we went through a heatwave last week!

Do you use primer sprays or do you favor a different type of primer?

2 responses to “Catrice Hydrating Prime & Care spray”

  1. I don’t use primer anymore because I think adding extra stuff to my face will break me out. Although, I don’t have evidence that primer is any worse than just foundation. I used to use Smashbox photo finish primer. Lately, I don’t use a primer, but I’ve been using UD setting spray after I put my make up on. I’d be interested in what you think of this. 🙂

    • I don’t think primer and setting spray are necessary items. I only started using primers when I started cycling to work. More exertions meant I needed my makeup to last better. But for everyday use, you really don’t need either I think.

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