What I Wore #10

what I wore fall 2019 september fashion outfits transitional lookbook outfit of the day

In today’s Free for All Friday post, I am continuing my What I Wore series. The plan is to do one of these at least once a month, provided I of course feel like I have been wearing at least 6 outfits that I want to share between this and the next blog post. Because I love creating fashion content, it is just a bit time consuming I find, but I do want to make the effort. You can therefore expect a Week in Outfits video next week too! Fall is definitely arriving where I live and so I think it is apt to be sharing 6 recent outfits that are perfect for transitioning into fall. Hope you enjoy!

What I Wore #10 // 6 Transitional Outfits for Fall 2019

what I wore fall 2019 september fashion outfits transitional lookbook outfit of the day

Top | Topshop
Jeans | Urban Outfitters
Shoes | Asos

The first outfit I wanted to share was an outfit I wore on my first day of teaching this school year. I wanted to wear something bright and colorful but still be comfy at the same time. So I wore my favorite pair of super beat up Chelsea boots and paired them with my favorite pair of straigth leg jeans. These are the Urban Outfitters BDG Axl jeans which they have sadly discontinued. It was the only pair of jeans I wore for most of August/ September, so be prepared to see them popping up in a few outfits. The top totally fits in my obsession with anything knotted blouse and I love the 80s feel of the boxy fit.

what I wore fall 2019 september fashion outfits transitional lookbook outfit of the day

Dress | Zara
Shoes | Asos

Since we are not yet quite into fall just yet, we have been having some nice days. Especially in late August we had a very warm spell again. I decided to wear one of my favorite summer dress. I dubbed this figure hugging number my ‘Frida Kahlo’ dress. The pattern on this dress, just really reminds me of her paintings and use of color. It has a very deep V so I love layering a basic black dress underneath it to make sure no mishaps happen. It is very stretchy and the yellow floral print just puts a smile on my face whenever I see it and wear it. Because the dress is quite loud, I wanted to make sure it was center stage in the outfit. So I paired it with my favorite pair of ‘nice weather brogues’.

what I wore fall 2019 september fashion outfits transitional lookbook outfit of the day

Top | Bershka
Jeans | Urban Outfitters
Shoes | Asos

Another day, another knotted blouse. I know, I know. I have been wearing lots of blouses lately. I love them in the fall/ transitional period as they can be styled in so many different ways and I like it more on me than a plain t-shirt. This number has all the fall colors and was one I bought from Bershka last year, but hadn’t worn much yet. I just love the colors and it is just another variation on an outfit that I have been wearing loads these past few weeks: jeans, a blouse (knotted or otherwise with a fun detail, be it a print or a crop or a cool sleeve or collar) and a pair of boots. It is easy, casual, and super comfortable while you still have a great outfit on. At least that is my opinion.

what I wore fall 2019 september fashion outfits transitional lookbook outfit of the day

Top | Primark
Skirt | Vintage
Shoes | Reebok Club 85C

But I didn’t just wear jeans all month! I did opt for some skirts too. In fact, in the fall time, I reach for my skirts and dresses the most as I don’t mind wearing tights one bit and find it much more comfortable than jeans. It keeps you much warmer too if you layer a good pair of tights (I love the Primark ones btw) under a longer skirt than any jeans at any day of the week. This outfit is a fun one as it clashes both color and prints. I remember really wanting to wear this skirt, but not wanting to pair it with the no brainer white blouse. I decided to pull out this mustard palm tree print top by Primark and I loved the effect. I love navy and mustard yellow together especially for fall. I still kept this outfit a bit summer oriented by adding a pair of plain white sneakers. I could have gone for brogues, but I wanted something more solid and sporty.

what I wore fall 2019 september fashion outfits transitional lookbook outfit of the day

Top | Pull & Bear
Cardigan | Urban Outfitters
Jeans | Urban Outfitters
Shoes | Mango

There they are again: my trusty Axl jeans by Urban Outfitters. I wear these so often and am so sad they have been discontinued. They are doing a new line of straight leg jeans now but I haven’t tried them yet. As it gets chillier, I love layering cardigans over my blouses. I just love the relaxed feel this gives. This cardigan is one of the oldest items in my wardrobe but I still bust it out every year. I love the contrast of the burgundy against the grey/ blue of the rest of the outfit. It adds a nice pop of color. The snake print shirt works as a great neutral in fact and I wore my new low Western ankle boots for the first time too.

what I wore fall 2019 september fashion outfits transitional lookbook outfit of the day

Top | Weekday
Cardigan | Urban Outfitters
Culottes | Pieces
Shoes | Asos

For the final outfit, sorry for the blurry picture (!), I am repeating the cardigan from the previous outfit. Yup, I told you this came out for a spin quite regularly! Since it is fall, I feel I can still get away with wearing a cropped, culotte style pair of trousers. I was going through my wardrobe looking for bottoms I felt I hadn’t much worn yet this spring/ summer and this one stood out to me. They are a good cropped trouser and therefore a bit harder to style. But I love this with my leather sock boots by Asos and just a plain black tee. Again, the burgundy is there to keep the outfit from being too monochrome. I love a bit of color!

Which outfit is your favorite?

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Petra says:

    No favorite, I love the different styles and silhouettes and how they all look good on you 😊

  2. Chanelle says:

    1 and 2 are my favourite 😊

  3. Margaret says:

    They all look good, but #5 is my favorite. 🙂

  4. retrodee says:

    My favorite is definitely the Frida Kahlo dress. It looks great on you and I love the colors!

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      I know! It was such a random purchase too, so happy it became one of my favorite dresses.

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