Ranking Face Palettes

ranking my complete face palette collection from worst to best

A video I promised to do ages ago, but only now end up doing is the ranking of my face palette collection. I have quite a few, but the thing is: I never wear them! I mostly use them whenever I travel but I don’t travel enough to really have a use for this many. That said, I have some longstanding favorites that I go back to time and time again. So this ranking video was super easy to do. If you are curious to see which face palettes I have and how I rank them: then stay tuned!

Ranking Face Palettes // My Complete Face Palette Collection from Worst to Best

Face palettes mentioned:

  • Zoeva Concealer spectrum
  • Essence Crystal Power blush & highlight palette
  • Essence & Catrice contouring palette
  • Catrice Galaxy in a Box Holographic Glow palette
  • Kat Von D Shade & Light palette
  • Zoeva Opulence blush & highlight palette
  • Essence Hey Cheeks
  • Essence Glow to Go highlighter palette
  • Wet N Wild Megaglo Contouring palette Dulce de Leche
  • Quo Blush palette Coral Bliss
  • Sleek Pumpkin palette
  • Zoeva Premiere blush & highlight palette
  • Covergirl Trublend Super Stunner palette
  • Catrice Luminice highlight & blush palette
  • Anastasia Moonchild palette
  • Catrice Romantic Gardens
  • NARS Narssisist Cheek palette
  • Catrice Prime and Fine contouring palette
  • W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow
  • Benefit Cheekathon face palette
  • ELF Highlight/ Contour/ Blush palette
  • Sleek Face Form Fair
What is your favorite face palette?

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