Makeup Basics // Expiration Dates

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In today’s video I get a little bit ranty about makeup expiration dates. I see so many people chucking perfectly fine makeup products that have ‘expired’. So I decided to do this video about expiration dates and I how I go about it. I have quite some older products in my collection that I am sure some people would declutter just because of their age. But my philosophy is: if I still like it and it isn’t moldy and performs well, then why would I get rid of something? That’s what today’s video is all about! I hope you enjoy!

Makeup Basics // When Does Makeup Expire?

What is your policy regarding makeup expiration dates?

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  1. I agree 110% with you! And even if you happen to wear something that’s truly expired (like the formulation is altered, the components started to break down) the health risks are basically non-existent, the performance is just not good. Mouldy or bacteria infested products are another thing – but that can happen with fresh products as well!

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